Food, Sanitizers and Mask Supplies Getting WIPED OUT Across America as Fears Rise of Coronavirus Quarantines in the USA

Monday, January 27, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, January 27, 2020

Over 56 million mainland Chinese are already living under military-enforced quarantines; essentially a state of regional martial law. As has been widely reported across the media, food supplies have disappeared from grocery store shelves across the region. Even under the extreme censorship of the communist regime in power there, the truth is leaking out: People are running out of food and medical supplies.

“The deadly virus spreading across China has spurred a run on protective face masks and hand sanitizer, with store shelves stripped and re-sellers hawking the items for inflated prices,” reported Bloomberg News five days ago. They added:

In one Shanghai mall, customers lined up for nearly an hour at a drugstore Wednesday waiting for a shipment of 100 boxes of masks to arrive. They sold out within 30 minutes, said pharmacist Duan Yueqi, even after the store limited each person to one pack each. Staffers told customers immediately upon entry: “everything is gone.”

And that was before the news hit that at least 44,000 people in China are infected with coronavirus. Just yesterday, a credible team of scientists from Hong Kong University warned that 44,000 people are already infected in China, even as the “official” government numbers only claim 2,900. With Wuhan being centrally located in the mainland, and with the mayor of Wuhan now confirming that five million people have already fled the city, it is inevitable that a wave of new infections will emerge in other major Chinese cities, including Beijing.

Chinese companies are already engaged in a desperate effort to buy all N95 masks in North America and ship them to China. We’ve covered this in the following podcast, via

millions of N95 masks are being urgently acquired and shipped to China, even as the government there downplays the official numbers, claiming just 2,901 infections:

Supplies getting wiped out across the USA

Now, is reporting that supplies of hand sanitizers and face masks are getting wiped out in America, too. “At least three pharmacies visited by Breitbart News in Brooklyn, N.Y. were sold out of individual-sized hand sanitizer this weekend… An Amazon page for ‘flu masks’ showed many of the most popular versions of surgical masks and personal anti-dust masks were unavailable.”

Notably, people everywhere are scrambling to purchase N95 masks even though they are useless at preventing coronavirus infections, as Natural News previously reported. Infections are now known to occur from exposing your unprotected eyes to the air in a room where another infected person resides.

Protecting yourself from the airborne coronavirus requires full face respirators, which run anywhere from $50 – $250 each and use consumable filtration cartridges. A quick check of reveals all full face respirators are sold out. The only respirators available are half-face respirators commonly used by painters and construction workers to protect their lungs from airborne dust and wood particles.

Storable food supplies already nearly wiped out across America

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