Climate change narrative collapses as investigators determine up to 85% of Australia’s fires were started by people

Saturday, January 25, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Saturday, January 25, 2020

These days, whenever there is a massive wildfire anywhere on the planet, Left-wing lunatics crawl out of the woodwork to claim that the ‘cause’ of such fires is due to “global warming” and “climate change” brought about by human activities.

Cattle farts, SUVs, and modern power plants are doing to the planet what meteors, massive volcanoes, and the Ice Age couldn’t do, we are told: Destroy Earth and kill billions of people.

The latest example comes from none other than Australia, where a series of wildfires has ravaged millions of acres. Only, the fires were not caused by modern technology; they were caused by modern humans.

As MIT claimed in a January 2 post:

Summer wildfires are common in Australia, but climate change is making them worse. Spring rainfall has declined in recent decades, even as temperatures rise, extreme heat events become more common, and droughts turn more severe, according to a 2018 report by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.

Greg Norman, a Hall of Fame golfer from Australia and not a climate scientist, also blamed the fires on the “stupidity of humanity,” though he did not seem to harbor any such feelings for modern life when he was jetting around the globe winning lots of golf tournaments (and a whole lotta money).

“I see it on my ranch in Colorado where the seasons are getting later. It used to snow in the early part of September, now we don’t get any snow until the middle of October,” he said, according to TMZ. “We’re seeing this change take place and the stupidity of humanity … Are we to blame to some degree? Yes. We ARE to blame to some degree. Are we to blame 100%? No, but whatever that degree is, let’s fix the problem.”

You see how this works with the Left? The climate is changing so “let’s fix it.” Fix what? How do we…’fix’ the climate?

Left unsaid is this: We have to give up our modern way of life and/or pay lots of money to some global entity to ‘fix the problem,’ though it never really gets ‘fixed’ because…you can’t ‘fix’ climate.

The climate change hoax is…still a hoax

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