“This Is Going to be Like Killing a Fly with a Sledgehammer – It’s Going to Get Ugly” – Rep. John Ratcliffe DESTROYS Sham Impeachment

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Jim Hoft
January 21, 2020

On Monday the Trump Defense Team announced several House Republicans will join their team to defend President Trump in the US Senate Trial.
Joining President Trump’s Legal Team:

“Jim Jordan
Lee Zeldin
Elise Stefanik
Debbie Lesko
Mark Meadows
John Ratcliffe
Doug Collins
Mike Johnson

On Tuesday morning Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) joined America’s Newsroom to discuss the upcoming Senate trial.

Rep. Ratcliffe, a former US Attorney from Texas, described the upcoming trial as “killing a fly with a sledgehammer.”

Rep. Ratcliffe: Some of the reason we are there is to hold the House managers accountable, especially the lead House manager, Adam Schiff… I don’t think there are going to be any witnesses called. There is not a witness who can be called who can fix this process. There’s not a witness on either side that you can call that can inject fairness and due process into a process that had none. I think one of the things that your listeners are going to hear this week is the comparison between what happened, the disparity in the way President Clinton and President Nixon were treated in their impeachment inquiries as opposed to President Trump. The Nixon and Clinton lawyers were allowed to participate every single day from the very beginning to the very end… By comparison, President Trump through the 78 day impeachment inquiry, his lawyers were forbidden, forbidden, for the first 71 of the 78 day process… That’s a lack of due process and fairness that I think all senators, Republican and Democrat are going to be surprised to learn. And I think as a result of that they are not going to want to hear any witnesses because the Senate isn’t going to be able to fix what happened in the House…

…People are going to find it ironic that the House Democrats are wanting to impeach for Obsstruction of Congress, a term the founders referred to as the Separation of Powers. They can’t make constitutional arguments because they don’t have any. This impeachment fails. It fails factually, it fails legally. It fails constitutionally. This is going to be like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. The House Democrats had a weak case even on a slanted playing field where they made the rules, changed the rules and broke the rules.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) is simply THE BEST!
The man is a huge asset on the Senate Defense Team.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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