Pearl-Clutchers Freaking Out About Virginia Rally–We’ve Already Won!

Monday, January 20, 2020
By Paul Martin

David L Brockett
January 20, 2020

It’s already happening across the message boards and in the chat rooms.

The faint-of-heart are clucking in unison, and the fox isn’t even in the area. OMG!! OMG!! What if….? Settle down, children it will be just fine.

$%#*! Gov Northam: Take THIS to the Rally!

There is no doubt that the media will find the most outrageous-looking and sounding individuals at the rally to interview. Their third-tier employees will be combing the crowds, walkie-talkies crackling every time they see camy clothing or a “Come and take it” tee-shirt. Buck up, people, it isn’t about the media or the handful of people who will be gawking at the spectacle on their television sets.

The media will interview more anti-2ndAmendment groups than those present to protest the assault on our constitution. Mom’s Demand Action (is that a double entendre?) and anyone else trying to generate contributions for their gun-grabbing organizations will be shoving each other out of the way to get to the cameras.

The park police will be strutting around like peacocks, emboldened by the fact the participants are unarmed. There’ll be snipers on the roofs with itchy fingers and scary-looking MRAPS parked everywhere. Once again…chill out.

This is dress-up day for the man, sunlight glinting off mirrored shades and stern-looking faces scanning the crowd. Buttons will literally be popping off some uniform shirts as they swell up to strike a more fearsome pose.

You can bet the police will be showing off their “assault rifles.” And not a word will be said by the press.

Governor Northam would like nothing more than to have a few 2ndAmendment lobbyists mowed down—out of spite mostly for defying his lordly mandates. Some fear there will be “false-flags” going on. Maybe, but what does that have to do with the rally? You can’t sit back because something “might” happen. I had my time in the 1990’s with the militia-movement when Bloody Janet Reno was trying to shut down any resistance, using the most nefarious means to do it. You had to just keep moving forward

Be still because none of that matters.

What does matter is that other left-wing politicians across America will be watching this carefully. They won’t focus on the weirdos being interviewed; they’ll be counting heads in order to gauge how bad it could get for them if this resistance catches fire in their area—and it will.

The worst-case scenario for the anti-gunners would be the public watching this with a sympathetic eye, and others across the nation being motivated to join the cause. BAD NEWS, that is exactly what will happen! We are well beyond the era when the media could turn the nation against a group of people. If you doubt me, check our President’s approval ratings.

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