In an era of Big Tech censorship, Big Pharma intoxication and Big Government surveillance, Soleimani’s death is a “win” for no one… especially not Americans

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, January 06, 2020

To those who are celebrating the death of Qasem Soleimani, I ask this simple question: How does his death make you better off in America?

The First Amendment in America is just as dead as Soleimani, and no one in government — not even Trump — is lifting a finger to defend and restore online free speech. Instead, we all remain enslaved subjects under a fanatical left-wing techno-cult that’s far more insane than Soleimani’s followers ever could have imagined. Yes, Soleimani’s body was shredded by advanced missile technology, but the free speech that once existed in America is no less eviscerated under the malicious censorship war being waged by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Soleimani may be dead, but censorship is alive and well in America, and no one in any position of power is fighting against it.

The Pentagon said Soleimani had to be taken out because he was planning “imminent” combat operations against United States persons. Yet Big Tech has already completed its online combat operations against tens of millions of Americans, having successfully banned, demonetized, smeared, slandered and de-platformed nearly every voice that supports the very freedoms America is supposedly fighting for in the Middle East. This abundantly demonstrates the absurdity of any claim that blowing up people in Iraq or Iran somehow makes us “more free” in America. The claim that the Pentagon is “fighting for freedom” is total propaganda.

If firing missiles at Middle Eastern terrorists made America more free, I would say “fire away!” But Soleimani’s death didn’t end Jack Dorsey’s ban of conservative Twitter accounts, nor Sundar Pichai’s blacklisting of the domain from Google, and it has already become abundantly obvious that Hellfire missiles are wasted in Iraq while the real terrorists — such as Sundar Pichai — continue to operate their daily “combat operations” across the ‘net, in total violation of America’s laws and civil rights.

At least the Iranian people had the sense to mourn the death of their leader, no matter how radical his ideas may have been. Yet here in America, almost no one even recognizes they’ve already lost the very freedoms we all pretend our military is fighting for.

It’s all just glorious bulls##t.

Soleimani’s death is not a win for America. It’s a distraction from the massive, gaping losses America is suffering every day right here at home as far more dangerous techno-terrorists run their fanatical oppression schemes across the ‘net, violating the basic human rights of tens of millions of American citizens.

Big Pharma Intoxication

At the same time Soleimani’s body was blown to bits, over 100 million Americans were also taking toxic prescription drugs, including mind-altering drugs that have turned America into a zombie land of over-medicated, chemically-altered “toxizens,” ripe for mass media programming. (Because only a brain damaged zombie could watch CNN’s Brian Stelter for more than a few seconds without wanting to plunge their own head into a blender…)

No matter how much the Pentagon bombs Middle Eastern terrorists, the truth is that America’s mental health is being chemically carpet bombed every single day that Big Pharma is allowed to advertise on television, directly to consumers.

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