Concerned about the ongoing tech takeover? Be sure to check out this powerful Let’s Talk America interview between Alan Keyes and Mike Adams

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by:Ethan Huff
Monday, January 06, 2020

The year 2020 in many ways represents a crossroads for the future of our country, especially from the perspective of free speech. With the presidential election coming up, Big Tech is on a roll trying to silence all opposing viewpoints and prevent Donald Trump’s reelection, which Dr. Alan Keyes and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discussed during a recent episode of IAMtv’s “Let’s Talk America” program.

Available for viewing at, this powerful interview is part of a weekly series featuring the Health Ranger where he and Dr. Keyes discuss relevant issues of our day, including the ongoing “tech tyranny” that threatens to unravel the very fabric of our country.

After discussing the fraud of vaccines during much of the first half of this interview, Adams and Dr. Keyes dive right into the tech oppression that threatens not just our freedom of speech, but also the very dignity of life.

With communist China at the helm of many of the major tech companies these days, human dignity and the freedom to live, speak, and practice the religion of your choice without government oppression or persecution is rapidly disappearing. Instead, we’re seeing Silicon Valley push things like social credit scores, “cancel” culture, and the elimination of every value and moral that made this country great in the first place.

By erasing God and replacing him with secular humanism and the “do as thou wilt” ideologies of Satanism embraced by the left, the tech giants, along with the mainstream media and Democratic Party, are implementing authoritarian atheism and the totalitarian government structures necessary to maintain it.

“Our Founding Fathers understood that our human rights come from God, and that it is from that power that is intrinsic to our existence and our consciousness that we grant limited rights to the government,” Adams points out about how Big Tech’s leftist agenda is diametrically opposed to the agenda established as a foundation for this country by its founders.

“And that is, of course, turned upside down by the left, which says there is no God, and that government is your god. And that is their goal: that government be your god, that government command you how to live, how to think, what to say – these words are forbidden, and these other words you must use, you know, ‘gender pronouns’ and so on.”

The left is all about ENSLAVING the masses under a soulless, godless government, using the tech giants as enforcers

The political left really has become an army of authoritarian foot soldiers that’s trying to advance the final takeover of our country, all under the guise of stopping “intolerance” and “hate.” But as we’ve repeatedly warned, there’s really no such thing as “hate speech” or “hate crimes,” as these are just code words for targeting speech and activities that leftists themselves hate.

“In the tech space, those who make the decisions on whether your speech is ‘appropriate’ or not, they are unelected and they answer to no one, and they won’t even publish their rules and guidelines – because if they had some kind of consistent set of rules from which they were making censorship decisions, they could not enforce it as they’re currently doing,” Adams warns about what’s taking place in the name of “progress.”

“Remember that part of the structure of our constitutional republic is to protect the minority of the individual against the mob of the majority … even if the mob has the majority, even if the mob screams the loudest, even if the mob has monopolized all allowable speech, or what’s called the ‘Overton Window’ of allowable debate. But the individual must be protected, and the rights of the individual.”

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