Google and the evil tech giants have done far more damage to America than Soleimani, yet Trump does NOTHING to stop the domestic terrorism of Big Tech

Sunday, January 5, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Saturday, January 04, 2020

Although it’s good to see Trump finally take decisive action against America’s enemies rather than appeasing them (and funding them) like Obama did, the larger truth is that Soleimani never did anything against the independent media and the growing number of voices who attempt to protect children from the toxic effects of vaccines, GMOs, fluoride and dangerous pharmaceuticals. Soleimani may have been the enemy of America, but there are far greater enemies of humanity who remain at large, right here in America.

It’s the tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter — run by anti-human rights criminal Jack Dorsey — and other techno-fascist corporations that have systematically violated the fundamental human right of free speech, all in their efforts to silence the truth about dangerous vaccines that maim and kill, at minimum, tens of thousands of American children every year… even according to the U.S. government’s own statistics (VAERS.HHS.GOV).

The number of Americans killed by Soleimani is dwarfed by the number of children killed by the CDC and the vaccine industry. There’s no comparison. Yet those of us who dare to expose the danger of vaccine ingredients or share the government statistics of vaccine injuries and deaths are treated by the Big Tech establishment as if we were terrorists. In reality, we are the whistleblowers! We are the ones working on behalf of humanity, trying to warn the moms and dads that vaccinating your children with today’s deliberately unsafe vaccines is very often a life sentence for those children, many of whom are condemned to suffer or die.

America’s worst enemies couldn’t even dream of achieving the damage being caused by Google, Twitter and other malicious tech giants

President Trump ordered a drone strike against General Soleimani, killing him instantly, but no legal action, executive action or regulatory enforcement action is being taken against the CEOs of the tech giants who are indirectly killing far more Americans than Soleimani ever could have imagined possible.

America’s worst enemies couldn’t even dream of the biological terror and widespread damage to innocent children that has been unleashed by the vaccine industry with the help of Big Tech censorship. That’s why it’s accurate to label Google CEO Sundar Pichai an actual terrorist and enemy of America. He is a far greater threat to the American people than Soleimani ever was. And he should be arrested and prosecuted for those crimes.

In fact, Google is a far greater threat to American lives than all the Iran-funded Islamic terror networks combined, and that doesn’t even count Google’s gross invasion of the privacy of Americans, which becomes more extreme and dangerous with each passing day, as The Intercept has just recently confirmed in another bombshell article.

Where are the military police arrests of the CEOs of the tech giants? Why hasn’t Trump ordered the State Dept. to seize the domain names of,, and for their systematic, repeated criminal violations of fundamental human rights such as the right to speak without oppressive, malicious censorship that denies the American people their basic human dignity? And what about Google’s AI weapons research that’s launching humanity directly into conflict with an actual “Skynet Terminator” scenario in the next two decades? Will we have to wait for Skynet to nuke us all before anybody bothers to try to stop Google’s global death machine from being constructed and deployed?

Similarly, why haven’t the New York Times and the Washington Post been declared terrorist organizations for running their anti-America psychological operations that routinely side with enemies of America while slandering and defaming those who support America? As Dave Hodges recently explained, it really is time for the New York Times and its traitorous anti-American operatives to be charged with treason and prosecuted accordingly.

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