What To Expect In 2020- The battle over gun control is going to get worse, leading to shootings and even armed battles

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

Klark Jouss
January 1, 2020

For the last several years, I’ve developed the habit of looking forward to the New Year, with the idea of recognizing the potential problems we’re going to face.

This is actually a normal part of my own prepping; what’s been different is that I’ve been sharing it with you, my readers.

Since 2020 is an election year, once again, this year is going to be dominated by politics. That, of course, contains dangers of its own, as the political landscape has been becoming more and more divided through the years. We can expect the coming elections to be more raucous and more extreme than ever before, regardless of who ends up being the Democrat Party’s candidate.

Republicans will Regain Control of the House

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, the Democrat Party has become unhinged. Trump Derangement Syndrome is becoming more and more common all the time, with bigger and bigger manifestations showing in some of the more famous members of Congress. This has all led to the impeachment investigations in the House of Representatives, with two articles of impeachment that amazingly don’t mention a single crime.

All the time, effort and money wasted by Democrats trying to oust the President has not been lost on the American public. People are tired of this and it’s showing in the polling data. No matter how the impeachment ends, Democrats have lost a lot of credibility. The only thing they still have is their core, but they are losing that too.

Donald Trump will Win Reelection

Regardless of how hard the mainstream media works to hide the President’s accomplishments, his voter base is aware of them. Thanks to the alternative media for keeping us informed. Trump probably hasn’t lost many voters in the three years he’s been in office and it looks like he’s gained quite a few, especially within minorities.

On top of Trump’s wins, the Democrats haven’t been able to float a single good candidate. None of the three front-runners, Biden, Warren and Sanders have a plan for the country, other than to promise free stuff to their voters. Of course, that’s going to require a tax increase, so they’re using their standard lie of only increasing taxes on the one-percenters.

Should Hillary try and run again, she would set a record as the candidate which has lost the most presidential elections. The Democrats don’t even want her to run, she’s such a poor candidate. Trump does though, as it will ensure his winning the election.

Undermining of the Constitution

The really scary thing about the Democrat attempt to impeach the President is that they are ignoring the criteria outlined in the Constitution and the definition of various crimes as established by the law. There is no crime called “obstruction of congress” and just about any president can be accused of “abuse of power,” whether they have actually done so or not. Obama publically claimed he would use his “pen and his phone;” why didn’t they call that an abuse of power?

For a number of years now, the Democrat Party has been saying that the Constitution is an outdated document. Now they are showing their disdain for it by the way they are running the impeachment investigation and hearings. They are making their own rules up as they go, regardless of whether they are legal or not.

We can expect to see a continuation of this disdain for the Constitution. As they have many other times, leftists will continue to push the envelope, seeking to create law by precedence and by court decisions. This has long been their strategy, for anything they can’t get the votes to pass.

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