Reichsmarschall Northam Ensuring “Hell On Earth” American Entry Into 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Virginia is going to enact its gun confiscation beginning on January 8, 2020. This promises to be a watershed event with many violent spin-offs. As stated, we are clearly witnessing the dying gasp of the Deep State. As I have previously stated, the Deep State is on its last legs. Even the central banks are running from their own fiat cash and embracing old-style mercantilism by moving towards gold. Even Bank of America just announced they were turning to nationalism as opposed to globalism because it made more financial sense for their bank’s bottom line. Even the Deep State is at war with itself and soon everyone across this country is going to be engulfed in what’s coming.

The Deep State is both a cornered and wounded animal. They are out time and if they cannot bring America under control through a coup which leads to a civil war, which leads to World War III, many of them will be sacrificed. And it looks like many of them could be sacrificed on the alter of Ukraine. For this reason, it is easy to conclude that we are just seeing the beginning of false flag attacks and the coming terrorist events. In the advent of 2020, I sincerely desire to bring the public good news. The only good news that I can find is that we have survived, yet, to fight another day. I fear that the first six months of this year are going to be “hell on earth”!

The Deep State’s Future

Our Deep State FEMA camp future consists of nooses and coffins, incinerators and Camp FEMA reservations are in place. Because we have so many new people in our audiences, it is going to be necessary to backtrack and recover some of the aspects of tyranny which lies in wait for every conservative America in future articles. The Virginia roadblocks and the drones in Colorado as symptomatic of far greater challenges coming our way in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

For the benefit of those that are new to this movement, please allow me to be clear, we, in America, are not just going to see roadblocks, we are going to also experience roundups.

The country is merely awaiting the right trigger event, likely a false flag event, which will bring these resources into play. It is likely that we will see pockets of occupation in this country as well as pockets of outright rebellion. Antifa will be in the streets and will be violently resisting the enforcement of law and order. Many will get caught in the crossfire. Many more will be the victims of drones, roadblocks and other forms of tyranny and violence will ensue. Violence will be an American pastime in the next several months. The thin veneer of normalcy will all but disappear as our deep difference will be on full display in all their ugliness.

I believe that Governor Northam is only providing the opening act and he is going to provide the impetus as will some strategically placed drones in Colorado. As an aside, I am getting reports of drones in Austin, Texas, as well.

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