Iraq: Kurdish Muslim authorities allow sale of anti-Christian shoes that allow wearer to trample on cross

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

JAN 1, 2020

slamic groups in the US have successfully protested against shoes that they claim bear the name of Allah. Will they protest against this? What do you think?

“It is a pity that empty slogans about tolerance and mutual respect, intended for naive Europeans, find fertile soil in Western media and mislead the public.” Indeed. The Kurds have become sainted martyrs since they can be used as ammunition against Trump. But this is the reality.

“Kurdish Authorities Allow Anti-Christian Shoes to Be Sold in North Iraq,” AINA, December 30, 2019:

(AINA) — According to an article published on a Polish language website, shop windows in a region dominated by Kurds in northern Iraq displayed footwear with a crucifix embossed on the sole.The shoes are sold, among others, in a center called “Mega Mall” in Erbil. The website reports that an investigation conducted by some local Assyrian activists revealed that the footwear was produced by a Turkish company called FLO, located in Gaziantep, in southeastern Turkey.

Kurdish shops import the shoes and distribute them in their stores, entice their customers to trample the cross, holy symbol of Christianity and sign of hope and peace.

It is impossible to understand the meaning of such an act in view Europe’s view of alleged Kurdish democracy, freedom of religion, tolerance of Muslims towards Christianity in Iraq’s Kurdish region. With such acts, Kurdish Muslims show their real attitude towards Christians as native population of the country and their values. “It is a pity that empty slogans about tolerance and mutual respect, intended for naive Europeans, find fertile soil in Western media and mislead the public,” says the article.

The article goes on to explain how a cross on a shoe sole is perceived in Muslim culture, regardless of which nation represents it. Usually, when Muslims enter the room, they take off their shoes – and then when someone accidentally removed the shoe turns over with the sole up, spits on the sole and places the shoe into the normal position. When there is a cross on the sole, the cross is spitted on. Shoes generally are seen as despised garments. One of the most offensive phrases in that culture is: “You are a shoe.” This statement often leads to serious conflicts.

The range of the offensive assortment included in previous years even more products: women’s footwear, socks, and slippers “decorated” in many places with symbols of the cross.

After protests from the Assyrian Christian population against such acts, the local Kurdish authorities demonstratively withdraw these shoes from one store, usually in front of cameras of foreign correspondents, while allowing them to be sold in others….

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