Can the Union Endure?

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Christopher Skeet
January 1, 2020

At this point, Red and Blue America are not even speaking the same language. We stand near the point of what divorce lawyers term “irreconcilable differences.” In increasingly strident and self-assured tones, the Left believes it is morally superior, intellectually untouchable, and wholly justified in pursuing whatever extralegal, corrupt, or violent methods available to implement their ideology.

Talk of a breaking point has been circling conservative circles for some time, with three tangible options arising from the chatter:

1) continued focus on barely winning elections, appointing “conservative” judges that uphold Obamacare, keeping Arizona from going blue, etc.;

2) a “divorce” of sorts that peaceably divides the United States into permanent blue and red territories, or;

3) civil war.

The first option clearly is the best. It is the least disruptive and preserves the Union and the Constitution, the goal that Abraham Lincoln fought our bloodiest war to support.

But what if it is sabotaged? Trump is an anomaly from both the Democrat and Republican point of view. His no-holds-barred street fighting style has been a welcome change for many Republican voters. But once his presidency ends, is there likely to be a Trump-like figure? Rest assured, the GOP Establishment is busy re-calibrating its primary process that “allowed” Trump to win the nomination to begin with. Republican voters thinking they won’t attempt to force-feed us a Romney or Jeb! next time around are fooling themselves.

At a minimum, in order to keep them honest, we need to be able to consider the other options.

The second option, that of an amicable divorce between red and blue states (and allowing for counties to switch states) seems the best option towards the preservation of the American ideal. While true that the United States of America would lose some coastline and a few radical hotbeds to the newfound Socialist Republics of Wokestan, we could permanently consolidate our strongholds, restructure our judiciary, clean the Augean stables we call public schooling, and amend our Constitution with stronger protections.

Such a “divorce” would be messy. Questions of interstate travel, resources, airspace regulation, migration control, and a million unforeseeable disputes would need to be hashed out before we were able to cut away the deadwood. But it’s doable. Europe is in the throes of a polygamous divorce, but it is proceeding bumpily along. Even Sudan pulled it off.

The problem is the Left probably wouldn’t agree to a divorce. It will play the part of the jealous, manipulative, control freak husband who never loved his wife, but rather savored the power he exerted over her. The Left will delay, obfuscate, and resist divorce at all costs, even if the Right unilaterally gave up the sports car, the big screen TV, and the dog in an attempt to cut loose as quickly as possible.

The economy would unfortunately be, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, a “known unknown.” We would have to prepare for a temporary state of flux. We lose a fair amount of ports, transportation hubs, and financial sectors. The world’s two largest stock exchanges (the NYSE and NADSAQ), each of which trade over one trillion dollars a month, are both located in New York City. Silicon Valley alone, were it its own nation, would be one of the world’s richest and most productive.

But though we would have to brace ourselves to find our economic footing, we would not be without our own advantages. The Bakken Formation of North Dakota alone is estimated to hold 30 to 40 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Of the 31 states that currently produce oil, 25 (over 82% of total production) went for Trump in 2016. In addition, the United States has seen its best manufacturing boom in three decades, with over 500,000 manufacturing jobs created since Trump took office. In the third quarter of 2019, manufacturers’ biggest concern was a shortage of skilled labor to keep up with hiring demands. This is not the concern of an industry in trouble.

Our new economy would be stabilized by stable tax policy, deregulation, America-first trade negotiations, audits of the Federal Reserve (assuming we keep it), and deference to supply-side, free market principles. And assuming Wokestan pursued the socialistic policies they preach, now unencumbered by such antiquated annoyances like constitutions and elections, their economy would free fall.

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