What’s Coming is Worse

Monday, December 23, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Wes Rhinier
December 23, 2019

Well we have had a few days now to chew on the impeachment fiasco.

I watched Meet the Press yesterday for as long as I could stomach it. It is amazing how hard it is for those in the media to hide their joy over their accomplishment of “Impeaching” the President.

I won’t everyone reading this to understand one thing. This is not about President Trump. This is about us. This is about the 63 million or so people that voted for him. They hate us. They hate that we didn’t listen to them and vote how they told us to. They hate everything we stand for. They hate our guns. They hate our religion. They hate our values. They hate that we won’t let them rule us. They hate that we value freedom. They HATE.

The Deep State/Communist/Democrats/Media are in total shock that they have “Impeached” the President and we could seem to care less. It was just another day in this ongoing coup. And We the People just shrugged and said so what. They’ve been telling us now for 3 years that they were going to do this, and they did. Hurray for you. But now they have to live with it. Actions have consequences. You ever done something, even though many people advised you against it, but you just had to do it. After you do it you get that little sick feeling in your stomach like, uh oh what did I do? It’s called learning the hard way. These fools are about to learn the hard way. If they remove Trump and nullify our vote, proving that voting is useless, well it’ll be simply time to shoot the bastards.

I don’t care if you like Trump or not. I’m not that big a fan of him myself. Hell he just signed another spending bill that includes funding Sanctuary Cities among other crap. Yeah the military gets a raise, but they continue to rape us and raise our debt. What these people have done by pulling this stunt in their coup attempt, has insured that Trump will now win by a landslide. Many people who were sitting on the fence, will now go vote for Trump come hell or highwater. What happens then? The meltdowns of 2016 are going to pale in comparison. They haven’t accepted our vote from 2016, they sure as hell aren’t going to accept it in 2020.

We face many problems. Criminals are walking free for things you and I would’ve been hanged for. This utter destruction of our Rule of Law is a serious issue. Seems nobody is going to care until its too late.

Virginia is powder keg waiting to explode. Bloomberg has told his cronies to make his gun grabbing stand there, and it’s not going well for him so far. Now they have delivered the ultimatum in Virginia, oh you will obey our laws or else. I can tell you this, threats aren’t taken to kindly in the rural parts of Virginia.

We are being attacked folks. Plain and simple. There are those who are still of the opinion that we can vote our way out of this mess. Keep living that dream if you like. I can assure you, those of us who have studied history know what comes next.

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