The Democrats Have Exhausted Their Options: THE CLEAR PATH TO CIVIL WAR

Monday, December 23, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, December 23, 2019

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, the Democrats are thoroughly defeated on every front. They caved on the recent budget deal and gave President Trump tremendous victories with regard to the border wall and Pentagon funding for the wall. The President won concessions on Obamacare and Medicare for All. Nancy Pelosi is too afraid to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate. And when it comes to campaigning, Republican fundraising has outpaced Democratic fundraising by 700% and the deficit is growing larger, each and every month.

Even former NYC Mayor, Bloomberg, with his $54 billion has entered the race but cannot stem the tide of wholesale defections of Democrats to the conservatives. For example, the group, Latinos for Trump, is growing by leaps and bounds.

With each passing day, the desperation of the Bolshevik Communist Democratic Party grows exponentially. As Mike Adams revealed, the Democrats have moved into a new phase, one I have labeled as Plan B. Plan B is certainly taking shape and it is decidedly moving the country in the direction of civil war.

What does history say about the time that we have entered into? Generally, the following sequential elements appear in a society that is about to descend into civil war:

1, A Cultural Revolution: Certainly, when we begin to fire professors and terminate social media accounts for questioning the position that there are 97 genders in the world, we have entered a new Dark Ages of science.

When it comes to the vaccine debate, the public is asked to abandon all scientific logic and accept the myth that all 73 vaccines are equally safe. And when it comes to climate change, it has become a best practice to not confuse the public with real data. It is just better to label anyone who demands scientfic proof for the outrageous claimes by the climate change opportunists as “climate deniers” and there are even calls for their imprisonment. Just how credible can a movement be when they use 16 year old kids as their torch bearers?

2. Create a Divide and Conquer Paradigm of Us vs Them. I could not find a better example of the racial divide and conquer than what happened in Florida, last month as a 14 year old boy was savagely beaten for wearing a MAGA hat on his Florida school bus. There is no better example of the artificially manufactured “race war” that has been perpetrated by Obama and the mainstream media. It is clear that the kids have received Obama’s racist messages, along with MSM glamorizations of racist calls to violent action. Let the following case serve as the poster event for the coming widespread violence which will be visited upon America as people lives are threatened and will soon be taken for espousing a legal and legitimate political belief in an environment of artificially created racism. Judging by the following event it is clear that the children of our society have properly been brainwashed into wanting a civil war that is partially motivated by race. Warning, the following is both disturbing and graphic, but this serves notice that the divide and conquer strategy is working.

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