Independent media journalists to be charged as FELONS for reporting on the growing Second Amendment sanctuary movement in Virginia?

Sunday, December 22, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Sunday, December 22, 2019

In case you missed it, there is a growing gun law nullification movement in Virginia spurred on by threats from newly empowered Democrats to pass a bevy of new laws aimed at restricting residents’ Second Amendment rights.

Among the laws being proposed: Waiting periods, bans on high-capacity magazines, bans on “assault weapons,” and even confiscation of said weapons.

The threats have led 90 percent of Virginia counties and jurisdictions to adopt “Second Amendment sanctuaries” that are based on Democrat “sanctuary cities” which shield illegal aliens from deportation by banning local police from assisting federal immigration authorities.

Well, in the media business, when nine out of 10 jurisdictions in a single state pledge to nullify any new gun laws they feel are direct violations of the Second Amendment, we call that a story.

That’s news. That’s a big deal — or, at least, it is to independent media. The Leftist mainstream types are largely ignoring this developing civil war ignition point.

One outlet that has been covering the story aggressively is a publication that caters to police officers: Law Enforcement Today, or LET.

That coverage, however, has earned editors and reporters a very unconventional, anonymous threat of holding them liable for a “felony.”

LET reported:

We’ve never been ones to listen to internet trolls. And this particular situation is no exception.

Over the past week, we haven’t been afraid to report about the rising numbers of men and women across the country who say they’re joining the militia.

It’s no longer a veiled threat – it’s a reality. The numbers have exploded thanks to what’s happening in Virginia.

But the coverage earned LET this threat:

“Your reporting about the growing numbers in the militia create a clear and present threat to America. As part of Congress, I’m giving you fair warning that this is the equivalent of shouting ‘fire’ in a movie theater. If your reporting incites violence, or can even be tied to it, we will make sure to charge your editors with felonies.”

Nullification of laws is getting more profound

Now, again, LET noted that the threat was made anonymously, which tends to make us believe that it’s BS. If, in fact, this publication was ‘inciting violence,’ it makes more sense that a federal law enforcement agency — the FBI, for instance — would be in contact with the publishers.

That said, how could the FBI or local and state law enforcement agencies even approach a legitimate news organization for reporting the truth? It’s a fact that membership is militias are expanding in membership; that’s not ‘inciting violence,’ that’s reporting a truth.

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