Democrats in Conjunction with the United Nations Are Moving to Plan B and the Complete Subjugation of The United States

Sunday, December 22, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, December 22, 2019

I am in possession of information regarding the coming lockdown of California by Governor Newsome. The descrptions parallel what Mike Adams wrote in his ground-breaking article three days ago.

After nearly a week of obtaining looking for information on the coming armed insurrection against the United States, I hit several walls, until yesterday. In the next part in the series, I will tied Calfornia together with what’s happening in Virgina, mix in a little Kentuck and Ohio and one has the beginnings of a civil war.

For the purpose of allowing the reader to logically proceed through battle plans being prepared for by the Deep State as the attempt to remove the man from office who is the speed bump between the globalists and what they want to do to us.

In summar review of the high-points, Mike Adams found the following:

“…Over 90 Virginian counties, cities and municipalities have so far declared themselves to be pro-2A regions, meaning they will not comply with the gun confiscation tyranny of Gov. Northam and his Democrat lackeys.

Democrats in Virginia have threatened to activate the National Guard to attack pro-2A “terrorists,” and a recent statement from the Guard unit in Virginia confirms that the Guard has no intention to resist Gov. Northam’s outrageous orders, even if they are illegal or unconstitutional. One county in Virginia — Tazewell — has already activated its own militia in response. As reported by…

…The enemies of America want to turn the entire country into a UN-occupied war zone and declare President Trump to be an “illegitimate dictator”

Where is all this really headed? The bottom line goal of the enemies of America is to transform the country into a UN-occupied war zone, where UN troops go door to door, confiscating weapons from the American people. President Trump will be declared an “illegitimate dictator” and accused of war crimes, since Democrats and the media have already proven they can dream up any crime imaginable and accuse the President of that crime, without any basis in fact.

And as we know with the Dems, if they can’t rule America, they will seek to destroy it. Causing total chaos is their next best option to resisting Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp, since the Dems know they can’t defeat Trump in an honest election.

Expect Virginia to be the ignition point for all this. Even the undercover cops who work there are now warning about what’s coming. Via…

The Rest…HERE

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