Trump Just Destroyed the Democratic Party-The Democrats Are Moving to Plan B

Saturday, December 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges on
Saturday, December 21, 2019

In a recent article appearing on the CSS, Nancy Pelosi has failed to deliver the articles of impeacment to the Senate. Therefore, according to Harvard expert, Professor Feldman, the President is not impeached. Why is Pelosi waiting? She claims she wants to be sure that the trial will reflect the Democrats desire for a “fair trial”. Pelosi knows she has no leverage. The Constitution is clear, the House of Representatives holds their trial and determines if there is going to be an impeachment trial. After the articles of impeachment are delivered, the Senate holds the trial to determine guilt or innocence. Neither the Senate or the House has any jurisdiction over the legislative’s trial. Pelosi knows this, so why is she hanging on to the impeachment articles? The answer is simple, she knows that she is holding a voided check worthy $0. She is backing down. Meanwhile, Trump won major victories not covered in the mainstream media.

The Congressional Democrats are caving in on several fronts. There has been surprising little detail in the mainstream media (MSM) about the recent $1.4 trillion budget deal passed at the midnight hour which avoided a shutdown of the government at 12:01AM, December 21, 2019. Both sides were rushing to complete the deal to avoid a partial government shutdown and the Democrats have already been accused of doing nothing but pursuing Trump in order to remove him from office.

There is almost a complete news blackout on the details, but here is what is known but has not been released to the public.

The Democrats caved in on Trump’s border wall, after three long years of stonewalling! Amazingly, the Democratic Bolsheviks approved $1.4 billion which can be applied to the construction of the border wall. To add insult to injury, the Democrats swallowed hard and are now allowing the President to use the Pentagon funds that were previously denied for border wall construction, which is long overdue. The amount of money associated with the Pentagon’s diverted funds amounts to $3.6 billion.

Obamacare was already on a death march to the Supreme Court, so the Democratic Bolsheviks raised the white flag and have given into abandoning the mandate and Medicare for All is in big trouble as well.

Trump’s support for the military received a huge boost as the House Democratic Bolsheviks approved a huge increase of $22 billion to the military budget. in order to receive the military concession, Trump agreed to funding paid family leave for federal government employees which is still short of paid maternity leave which the Democratic Bolsheviks were pushing for.

Trump also won on the funding for medicare funds to Puerto Rico by reducing the Medicaid funds from $12 billion over four years to up to $5.7 billion over two years.

Peaches and cream for President Trump, correct? Well, not exactly. It is clear that the Democratic Bolsheviks are going to Plan B and it is even a little worse that what Mike Adams ground-breaking report revealed two days ago. The Democratic Bolsheviks are moving expeditiously toward promoting actions of the state and local governmental level which will result in violence which will likely culminate in a civil war. This will be the topic of the next part in this series and it promises to not have a happy ending for either side. As a look ahead, Plan B will make 1861 Ft. Sumter look like a picnic. The reason why I am referring to the Democats as the Democratic Bolsheviks will become quite apparent in the next article.

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