Climate lunatics vs. the laws of physics: A dozen climate protesters nearly run over by a train they tried to stop by standing on the tracks… because momentum is a real thing, unlike climate change

Saturday, December 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Saturday, December 21, 2019

When she’s not busy calling for mass executions of uncooperative politicians, climate child Greta Thunberg is inspiring her deranged cult members to disrupt commerce as a way to “save the planet.”

According to reports, a cohort of Greta worshipers in the Northeast has been throwing their bodies in front of coal-filled freight trains for at least the past month in the hopes of stopping these fossil fuel payloads from reaching their destinations.

Video footage of an incident in Worcester, Massachusetts, as one example among many, shows a handful of rabid climate activists almost getting run over by one of these freight trains while it was en route to New Hampshire. Similar incidents have occurred at various other points along the same track.

An activist group known as “350 New Hampshire Action” reportedly took ownership of at least one of these dangerous stunts, announcing that nobody was hurt but that the trains “refused to stop” – as if they somehow should have turned right back around and gone back to the coal mine.

But momentum is a real thing, unlike climate change.

And the Darwin award for 2019 goes to: Greta Thunberg’s brain-dead climate army

Reports about the most recent train incident in Worcester reveal that climate activists were darting across the tracks with flashlights – flashlights that were presumably powered with fossil fuel-derived electricity – in the expectation that the train would somehow stop on a dime for them.

Little do these idiots realize that it takes a moving freight train about a mile to a mile-and-a-half of distance to come to a full and complete stop, even after the emergency brakes are applied. In other words, jumping in front of a moving train while hoping that it’s going to stop for you is absolute idiocy.

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