Keep your powder dry: Fanatical Democrats have a plan to remove Trump and install PELOSI as President within WEEKS

Friday, December 20, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Friday, December 20, 2019

President Trump has just been (sort of) “impeached” by a hyena pack of drooling, fanatical Democrats who couldn’t even cite a single criminal violation in their wholly fabricated, imaginary articles of impeachment. Yet they proceeded with impeachment because they fear what Trump is about to uncover if he cannot be removed from office.

What, exactly, will Trump expose if given enough time in office? If you’ve been reading this website for at least a full year, you might be ready to hear the truth now about how things really work in America, so consider the following:

How California Democrats are funded by drug cartels and receive kickbacks on drug trafficking revenues to keep the borders open.
How all the prominent players in the Obama administration — including several GOP Senators who ran interference for Obama — are on the take, skimming hundreds of millions off foreign aid funds sent to countries like Ukraine. All foreign aid dispatched by America results in kickbacks to corrupt U.S. lawmakers (like Joe Biden) and high officials.
How prominent Democrat fundraisers and donors run an elaborate child kidnapping, trafficking and rape ring that both ensnares and “rewards” Democrat supporters with children served up for their perverted pleasures (all recorded on hidden cameras, of course, which is why Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself).
How the FBI is an actual terrorist organization that has, for decades, plotted and carried out a long string of assassinations (MLK, Jr.), bombings and terrorism events in order to eliminate political opponents (JFK, RFK) and achieve appropriate narratives for the assertion of surveillance powers (the staged events of 9/11). The FBI even ran the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing under Bill Clinton.
How both Democrats and Republicans are about to be exposed as corrupt fraudsters, child molesters, drug cartel co-conspirators and more, unless they can remove Trump from office by any means necessary.

In essence, Trump has hit pay dirt on the malfeasance, criminality and exploitation of children that now characterizes the political elite across America. This nation has plunged into a cesspool of corruption, perversion and anti-human agendas, and those in the most powerful political positions — Governors, Senators, Presidents, etc. — have deliberately engaged in criminal behavior that’s so heinous, America’s psyche would be forever shocked beyond belief just to learn a fraction of the truth.

Trump is poised to unload it all. Rudy Giuliani has already hinted at some of the coming disclosures, revealing how Joe Biden and others were part of an elaborate foreign aid skimming / kickback operation involving billions of illicit money being funneled back to U.S. politicians and their family members. But that barely scratches the surface of what Trump has uncovered: Child rape factories, human smuggling operations given “protection” by California’s Governor, drug cartel kickbacks to California lawmakers, political assassinations of journalists and much more.

For this reason, there is a coalition of Republicans and Democrats who are conspiring to remove Trump from office by any means necessary, all in order to cover up their own exhaustive criminal operations.

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