China Is Moving to Control the World’s Mineral Resources: America Is Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

An article about an airplane crash would seem obscure and trivial based on what is normally covered on the CSS. However, this airplane craft is significant because it further signals how the CHICOMS are trying to compensate for the inability to project their military power across the globe in a manner consistent with what the United States can do. However, the Chinese are attempting to seize key natural resource elements across the planet, thus denying access of these resources to the United States in an attempt to level the military playing field. The crisis in Chile is an example of this looting of several countries natural resources by China. This will all be exposed in this breaking and exclusive report. The CSS was hours ahead of the MSM on this story which was produced before midnight Mountain Standard Time. This video is an excellent preview of what is coming.

This story begins with the description of a mysterious C-130 plane which has crashed in route to Antarctica after departing from Chile.

Missing Flight
The Chilean Air Force revealed that last night, Monday, a C-130 Hercules aircraft has gone missing after taking off from an air base in Puntas Arenas, Chile. The C-130 was bound for the Eduardo Frei Montalva air base in Antarctica. Chilean Air Force officials stated that the craft is presumed “lost at sea.” A rescue mission has been launched however, the conditions of the water are so harsh, that the hope of finding survivors is almost nonexistent.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera tweeted that he was en route to Cerrillos to monitor the search and rescue operation along with the Chilean defense minister. aircraft had departed from the Chilean capital of Santiago and stopped briefly in Punta Arenas near the country’s southern tip. The Chilean government is reporting that the aircraft then continued toward the country’s Antarctic base before losing radio contact near the Drake Passage, which is a body of water between the tip of South America and Antarctica. The chances of finding the craft and the bodies is slim. The Drake Passage ocean depths are between 11,500 and 15,500 feet deep.

A Contrary Explanation of the Craft and Its Circuitous Route

Within an hour of the plane crash, Paul Martin contacted me and one of his sources said there had been strongly suspected foul play with regard to abovementioned plane crash. It is clear that a cover-up is underway.

Paul Martin’s source describes the path of the ill-fated C-130 as being much different than the apparent cover story created by the Chilean government. The following is what Paul Martin sent me from his source. This represents a Spanish to English translation, therefore, the idioms make the reading of this difficult but it is still understandable:

“Chilean Leadership aboard C130 went down in drake passage… Note they were heading south on VZ and Argentinian, China controlled area of ops. Plane went down.

Chilean Leadership bagging ass for Antarctica. On that particular flight path… Why?

Makes no sense, when they can supposedly go through own airspace, kick out away from Argentina at the tip then vector in

The Rest…HERE

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