The Six Stages of the Bolshevik Coup Against America

Sunday, December 8, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, December 8, 2019

There are two major issues facing the United States today. First, the people of the United States face an unparalleled set of natural disasters in places like the Cascadian Subduction Zone which, at some time, will represent the largest natural disaster since the days of Noah’s flood.

The second issue that “we the people” are has to do with the unparalleled attempt of subversives to overthrow the government and create a massive upheaval of culture. When I first began to work in the Independent Media (IM), the debate was raging about FEMA camps and who was running them and for what purpose? One of my two undergraduate degrees is in history with an emphasis in military history. So I could better understand the process of how regime change happens along with the accompanying characteristics, I began to independently research past coups resulting in genocide. Parallel to my investigations, the Democide Project from the University of Hawaii studied “death by government” as opposed to death by war. The University of Hawaii researchers concluded that death by government was much more common that death by war in the 20th Century. Subsequently, I have become obsessed with the presence of foreign troops on American soil and the appearance of 3rd party proxies designed to create a reign of terror designed to facilitate a massive political and sociocultural revolution. I have become alarmed at what I have found. In America, we have all the elements needed to carry out a massive regime change with all the typical state-sponsored mass genocide against the “deplorables” of our society. I see elements of Mao’s 1950’s-1960’s cultural revolution, Stalin’s gulag strategy and Hitler’s targeting of select groups for extermination. This “evolved” Democratic Party of today has strong elements of all three genocidal regimes.

The Common Sense Show will split itself between covering the natural disasters and the not so natural disasters. With regard to the ongoing coup taking place today, I have created a qualitative model based on 14 years of research. There are six general areas associated with a violent coup in which the potential for genocide are present and these six areas are as follows:

1.Attack the Traditional Elements of the Culture and the Political System. This would cover such contemporary events as the various attempts at perpetual impeachment, the promotion of life-style glorifications which runs contrary to the established status quo, the use of deliberate divide and conquer strategies designed to maximize societal conflict and promote an atmosphere of perpetual divisive conflict, the takeover of the media, the establishment of political correctness with the notion of steering people away from the traditional, the unhinging of traditional rule of law. The movement against Trump is not about Trump. It is about tearing down all populism and the support of the traditional in our culture.

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