Iraqi Christians Warn Sweden: Muslim Rule Coming Unless You Wise Up

Thursday, December 5, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Selwyn Duke
Wednesday, 04 December 2019

They’ve seen firsthand the persecution of non-Muslims in Iraq, and the same is coming to Sweden, they warn — unless Europeans stop being “naïve.”

Sounding this alarm are Iraqi Christians such as church worker Layla (not her real name), who believe that Sweden’s and France’s current cultural trajectory, immigration patterns, and fertility rates will bring it to Islamist rule. “You lose control,” Layla, from Iraqi Kurdistan, told Christian magazine Världen Idag (VI).

“We who have grown up here [in the Mideast] know what Islam is. It is not the people, the Muslims, that I warn about, but the ideology,” she told the magazine.

“Although most Muslims don’t believe in jihad, they believe in Mohammad,” Layla elaborated. “They believe that all peoples should become Muslims and that there is a reward in heaven for those who bring people to Islam,” VI also related.

This is a bigger issue than most know. Remember that virtues (and vices) are caught more than they’re taught. People don’t follow ideas; they follow people, which is why any good parent appreciates a good example’s importance. It’s also why Christians may ask, “What would Jesus do?”

Likewise, Muslims consider Mohammed “The Perfect Man,” the ultimate role model. Yet far from the Prince of Peace, Mohammed was a warlord who launched approximately 30 military campaigns, many of which he led himself. He was a caravan raider (a bandit) and captured, traded in, and owned slaves. He ordered massacres, used torture, and had dissidents assassinated. In 627 A.D., he beheaded more than 600 men and boys of the Qurayza tribe in Medina, Arabia, thus wiping it off the map. He also was a polygamist and made it lawful for masters to have sexual relations with their female captives.

In other words, as with Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, and many others, Mohammed was very much a man of his time. But to more than a billion people, he’s also the perfect man even in our time. That’s the point, too. For if someone told you Attila the Hun was the perfect man and his role model, would you turn your back on that person?

While actions speak louder than words, Mohammed’s words also matter because he’s the human face put to God in Islam. makes this clear, writing that “when Allaah says: ‘Whosoever obeys the Messenger [Mohammed], has indeed obeyed Allaah’ (Surah An-Nisa 4:80), it should be clear that one has obeyed Allaah by obeying the Messenger.”

Another Iraqi Christian echoing Layla is Pastor Basil (also not his real name), who, along with his group, has dealt with thousands of Yazidis and Christians who fled Islamic State terror. He warns of the Islamic principle called taqqiyya. Defined as divinely sanctioned dissimulation, this “‘means that radical Muslims [will] ‘lie low’ and adapt to a more non-religious society to gather power,’ Basil says,” VI tells us.

“These radical Muslims are found both in the Middle East and in the West and are ready to receive orders for attacks while acting to ‘take over’ through parliamentary majority,” he continued.

Disagreeing, in part, is Islamologist Rickard Lagervall of Lund University and Jönköping University. He claims that “taqqiyya is a term primarily used in Shia Islam, which involves concealing one’s true religious affiliation in order to avoid persecution from, for example, Sunni Muslims,” relates VI. Lagervall does admit that lying is a tactic regularly used by jihadists, but he claims it has no religious basis.

Lagervall also plays down the possibility of an Islamist takeover, saying that Muslims in Sweden are not only a minority but are fragmented, comprising people of different sects and political inclinations.

Yet they’re not the minority they once were. “In 1950, there were merely 500 Muslims in the Scandinavian country,” reports Sputnik. “Today, their share is estimated to have exceeded 800,000, amounting to 8.1 percent of the population, according to the Pew Research Centre.” This is due to massive Third World (im)migration enabled by immigrationism.

Also note that five years before seizing power in 1933, the Nazis were a very small minority in Germany. Ten thousand organized and armed men can take the reins and control millions — under the right conditions.

As to how the conditions will be if Islamists gain power, Layla says that “they will not treat you according to human rights, but according to Sharia law,” relates Sputnik. “Love the Muslims, but be aware. Jesus says we should be ‘cunning as snakes and innocent as doves’, she concluded, urging not to yield to any pressure.”

Whatever the future, immigrationist schemes have thrown much of Western Europe into turmoil. Consider:

• Some European cities, such as Malmö, Sweden, “have turned into Muslim-dominant no-go hellholes,” wrote American Thinker in October, and it and other Swedish areas are considered “unlivable” by many Swedes. In fact, a 2014 report claimed that Swedish paramedics needed body armor to enter violent Muslim areas. And last year the Swedish government actually offered amnesty to people turning in hand grenades in an effort to get explosives off the street.

• As a result of the migration, some Swedish municipalities are fighting not only increased crime, but also “high unemployment, a rise in child poverty and rising social welfare expenditures,” reported the Gatestone Institute October 2. Consequently, some Swedes are now fleeing to safer areas at home or abroad.

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