Monday, December 2, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, December 1, 2019


The CHICOMS like competition. The CHICOMS have facilitated the transfer of much of the power of the El Chappo Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel to the nearby CJNG. The CJNG accounts for almost 40% of the American drug traffic. CJNG is the main supplier of Chinese produced Fentanyl which has claimed an estimated 70,000 deaths to mostly young adult Americans.

The Sinaloa cartel and the CNJG are engaged in an all-out war. These 2 gangs are at war with each other over drugs and turf and the death rates and the subsequent terrorist levels of brutality are off the chart.

One might wonder why the CHICOMS would want to facilitate a major drug war that will undoubtedly spill over across the American border. The Sinaloa Cartel, which is now led by El Chapo Guzman’s sons, and long-time partner, Ismael Zambada García, alias El Mayo, is said to be the leading narcotics supplier in America. The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (ie CJNG) has caught up the Sinaloa cartel in terms of power, wealth and reach. The CHICOMS control both cartels. The Chinese are seeking to promote anything that will destabilize the United States. By design, what we are seeing in Mexico is coming to America.

This article/broadcast describes the Chinese plan to destabilize the United States by creating and using the conflict between rival gangs. Right now the CJNG and the Sinaloa’s are fighting in the United States for control over US drug transportation routes. The scope of these confrontation and the brutality will soon increase exponentially. The main sources for this article are two DEA agents and a local law enforcement agent from Mexico who reports directly to the DEA.

In Mexico, CJNG comes to your town and sets up shop. Their plan is always the same. The following represent what they are doing in Mexico.

1.They immediately execute the competition.Their favorite tactic is to pose as buyers and then they execute the dealers. They are also known for the pre-dawn raids in which the opposition is executed in mass. They also imitate law enforcement. They are very sophisticated as the immigrants recently crossed the border and were apprehended wearing Marine uniforms have often been CJNG gangsters. CNJG are trained at paramilitary cams in El Salvador along with Middle East terrorists.
2.They begin bribery operations very quickly when they come into a community. Some of the CJNG gangster members have enrolled in the US military. They serve their time and apply for law enforcement in local towns. When CNJG comes to town, the military is coming to town and local law enforcement in small communities are not match. This gives them access to private records where pressure can be applied by intimidating judge’s and police children or pressure can be applied directly to the police and judicial figures directly. The latter is done when bribery is not successful. Small communities don’t often have the resources to combat this menace when it comes to town.
3.They hire locals to front their operations. This ingratiates the cartel to the locals because they often become the biggest employer.
4.They recruit local children to be look-outs and drug couriers. Sometimes volunteering is not an option. They often conscript rival gang member children and they take them right off the street corners.
5.There are no parallel drug activities that are allowed. Therefore, the CJNG is at war with the Sinaloa cartel and it is ugly. When the military and/or local law enforcement intervenes, CJNG acts against these forces with extreme prejudice. They once killed 15 Mexican soldiers and shot down a helicopter in one attack.
6.The banks are compromised and become fronts for money laundering operations. Further, local businesses are fronts for money laundering schemes as well. In America, in rural locations, we are now witnessing local citizens being recruited to launder cartel money.

In America, in these early stages, the CJNG leaders have been taught to avoid flashing wealth. These subtleties will not last long. Their bribes of law enforcement are still clandestine, but they are not into executing them. However, America is beginning to see beheadings and hangings among its rivals.

Eventually, rural America will look like Northern Mexico.

In establishing US drug operations it is common practice for the CJNG kill the local drug dealers, rather than employ them which is what the Sinaloas’ were previously doing. They recruit Americans to front many of their money laundering operations as they use laundromats, restaurants and auto repair facilities.

Their rivalry continues to grow, and according to the latest news reports, El Chapo’s sons and El Mayo have joined forces with drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero to eliminate the CJNG. I have learned that Nancy Pelosi met with El Chappo’s wife in Italy about this very matter when she and Adam Schiff visited Italy. Quintero has been in the drug trafficking game since the 1970s and is wanted for the murder of DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, which took place in 1985. He has a $20 million bounty on his head.

One day soon, this organization will be one of the main players in what I call the “Tet Offensive” which will witness a one-day series of mass attacks across America. This group is well on its way to taking over rural America and federal authorities seem helpless or unwilling to stop this growing menace. 80,000 homicides have taken place since 2017 in Mexico, what will the American number grow to? This is part of the Chinese scissors strategy to destabilize our country, domestically, before launching a Red Dawn invasion.

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