Russia to Impeachment One Big Coup – Kevin Shipp

Thursday, November 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
November 21, 2019

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says from the Russia collusion delusion to the sham impeachment, it’s all really just one big Deep State coup. At the center of the coup is billionaire George Soros, who hates American sovereignty and “America First” President Donald Trump. Shipp explains, “Soros has been funding attempts to overturn a U.S. election and remove a President of the United States. If he’s been funding that or advocating that in any other form, that is sedition. If it is connected to a foreign government or a foreign power, that would rise to the level of treason. This coup leads back to George Soros and his multi-tentacles connections. Now we know Victoria Nuland and the State Department were advocating Soros NGO’s at the time along with this so-called whistleblower who has been in contact with these Soros organizations as well. We are seeing the picture come out now. They don’t want this whistleblower to testify because if he does under oath and he is pressed, this whole disgusting beast could come out into full view. They don’t want that to happen because it is a continuation of the Russia collusion coup. Now, it’s gone into this false impeachment coup, and they are trying their level best to keep these facts from the public. This is one big coup.”

Shipp goes on to point out, “As a matter of fact, the Russia collusion coup began in Ukraine. Obama had staff member in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton had two attorneys in Ukraine. John Brennan (CIA Director) traveled to Ukraine under a false passport. . . . A DNC operative was in Ukraine with the rest of these people to dig up dirt on Trump from high level Ukrainian oligarchs. Those oligarchs went to the Russians for information. All that information wound up in, guess what, the ‘Steel Dossier’. . . .Information was derived from and used from Russian intelligence officials that provided this information for Hillary Clinton, the DNC and, ultimately, the ‘Steele Dossier.’ It was all with Ukrainian connections, and that’s as close to espionage as you can get. It’s a dark dirty operation, and it was, without question, a coup against the President of the United States.”

Is this the reason why Democrats are making up false charges in the impeachment hoax in their rabid desire to get rid of President Trump? Shipp says, “It’s all coming out. That is why they don’t want the whistleblower to testify. That’s why the kangaroo courts they are putting on look so ridiculous because they are desperate to cover these things up.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and counterintelligence expert Kevin Shipp.

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