Communist Chinese Re-Education Camps and American FEMA Camps Are One In the Same and Come From the Deep State

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The American phenomenon of the FEMA camp and Communist Chinese FEMA camps are that far apart in both their ultimate goals and the intended practices needed to achieve these goals.

Chinese Concentration Camps
China has begun to incarcerate more than a million Muslims in their country. The Muslims have been abducted from their jobs, off the street and in their homes. Many political experts feel the main reason that they have been targeted is because of Sharia Law. Sharia Law basically holds itself up as the supreme law of Islam. In America, Sharia Law would take precedence over the United States Constitution. In Communist China, Party officials fear that the Muslims will place their loyalty to their religious precepts as opposed to worshipping the government and the Communist Party. American Christians should rise up and take notice of the danger coming your way. As you read the following paragraphs, please realize that what Muslims are to the Communist Chinese, Christians are to the American Deep State. The Chinese have their “re-education centers” and Americans have their FEMA camps. And they both operate like the Hotel California, “you can check out, but you can never leave”.

Mr. Geng, the foreign ministry spokesman, was asked about the article at a regularly scheduled briefing.

“It is precisely because of a series of preventive counterterrorism and de-extremism measures taken in a timely manner that Xinjiang, which had been deeply plagued by terrorism, has not had a violent terrorist incident for three years,” he said.

Once upon a time, the Communist government would vehemently deny any media reports regarding the mass detentions of one million Muslims in “re-education camps” as American-based lies. However, leaked documents made it painfully obvious that the camps exist and the evidence is beyond reproach.

Common Practices for highly Repressive Organizations

Repressive regimes such as the Chinese Communist Party and the American-based Democratic Party never admit to a lie or wrong-doing even when they are caught red-handed. So, what do murderous despots do when they are caught? They fall back on the national security argument. The Communist Chinese Party claims that the camps are necessary because there is a national security threat posed by Muslims and they must be detained for the safety of China as well as the safety of the Muslims, themselves. For the past several days, and since the existence of the camps have become undeniable, there is clear evidence of concentration camps on Chinese soil and the purpose is ethnic cleansing but, as stated, it is permissible because of the national security threat.

Subsequently, the Chinese government has cleverly disguised the concentration camp issue as terrorism prevention. The Communist officials hide behind phraseology such “religious extremism” in order to excuse the heinous actions of the Communist Chinese government. This is where every American needs to become concerned about the fact that concentration (FEMA camps) are in the future for conservative Americans and in particular, American Christians.

Where does the world community believe that the Communist Chinese government got the idea to defend the use of concentration camps by using the terms, “terrorism” and “religious extremism”? Somebody has already asked the question. Terrorism expert, Colin Clarke, wrote that Communist China is currently using language that originated from US officials that can be found in the United States government’s war on terror as a pretext to defend extremist government behavior.

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