Exclusive–Louie Gohmert: Impeachment Push Is Actually More Like ‘Communist Revolution’ Than ‘Civil War’

Friday, November 1, 2019
By Paul Martin

1 Nov 2019

Democrats’ ongoing attempts to nullify the 2016 presidential election via impeachment of President Donald Trump is closer to a “communist revolution” than “civil war,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) while guest-hosting Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight alongside host Rebecca Mansour.

“I was quoted earlier today saying on the House floor something about civil war,” Gohmert said. “Well, it’s not a civil war that Republicans are engaged in. It’s the Democrats, but what is a better description than civil war is actually … a communist revolution.”

Gohmert continued, “Next thing you know you’ve got Trotsky over convincing the soldiers to support the Lenin of the place, and then boom, you have what people think will be a benevolent dictator and get things back on track and restore people’s rights, but you’ve just lost everything, that Caesar has now crossed the Rubicon, you’ve lost your republic, the little experiment in self-government, and now you’re dealing with a dictator.”

Hostility towards religion is central to communist ideology, noted Gohmert, reflecting on his time in the Soviet Union as an exchange student when he observed state-mandated displaying of portraits of Vladimir Lenin in churches and other houses of worship.

Gohmert stated, “Dostoevsky said the problem with communism is not an economic problem. The problem of communism is the problem of atheism, and it reminded me of when I was an exchange student for a summer at the Soviet Union … two, three hours from Moscow. At that time in the real Soviet Union, there was only one recognized Christian seminary, and that was the Russian Orthodox, [in] a place called Zagorsk, … [Within] a multistory building [at the seminary], they had a huge painting of Lenin [above which was written], ‘Lenin is with us.’ So you may be turning into this Christian seminary, but what you need to know is it isn’t God, it’s Lenin who is with us, and that is one of the problems of communism, is atheism.”

Left-wing ideology is predicated on an illusion of humanity’s perfectibility through state power, noted Gohmert.

“Whittaker Chambers said, ‘If I rejected only communism, I would have rejected only one political expression of the modern mind, the most logical, because the most brutal in enforcing the myth of man’s material perfectibility,’” remarked Gohmert.

Mansour pointed out that Whittaker Chambers saw the fight against communism as much more than just “one economic theory against another.” Christianity was central to the defeat of the Soviet Union, Mansour explained.

“The pebble that started the avalanche that destroyed the Soviet Empire started in Poland with the Solidarity movement and with the Poles, basically a very religious people, demanding [freedom of worship],” Mansour said. “It started in their churches. It started with John Paul II going to Poland [in 1979], and the crowd chanting, ‘We want God.’”

Mansour recalled Pope John Paul II’s famous visit to Poland in June 1979, when he returned to his homeland for the first time after becoming pope. The communist authorities in Poland could not prevent the new Polish pope’s visit or stop him from holding a large outdoor Catholic mass. “But they were terrified of it,” Mansour explained.

“They realized all these crowds were going to [attend Pope John Paul II’s mass], and people were going to feel unafraid to go there,” she said.

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