Just as biological men are defeating women in professional sports, new “150 most powerful WOMEN in Washington” list now includes two biological men

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A far-left magazine recently published its list of “The Most Powerful Women in Washington,” highlighting 150 examples of females whom the world should worship simply because they have female reproductive organs and occupy positions of power in society. But there’s another glaring problem with this list: two of its entries are actually biological men.

That’s right: because there apparently weren’t enough worthy humans with natural-born lady parts to feature in its spread, the magazine in question decided to spotlight two “transgenders” instead, which are now considered by leftists to be actual “women.”

Among the 13 of these 150 “women” who were featured on the magazine’s cover, one of them was a biological man who’s enlisted in the military as a “woman.” Rather than feature an actual woman who opened up a business and had a baby in the same year, this magazine decided to feature a “transgender member of the military,” which is really just a man pretending to be a woman while fighting wars in the Middle East for globalist bankers.

“Alexandria Holder,” as this transgender calls itself, is a United States Air Force sergeant and linguist. “She” is featured right in the middle of the front-cover spread, sandwiched between one of Nancy Pelosi’s top staffers and the CEO of a global design firm.

The other transgender “female” featured in the list, but not on the magazine’s front cover, is “Martine Rothblatt,” the creator of Sirius XM satellite radio and the founder of United Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company.

You made your bed, feminists – now lie in it

What this ultimately means is that two actual women had to be passed over in compiling this list in order to make room for these two biological men pretending to be women. Two natural-born women, in other words, were completely overlooked as their spots were seized by lady boys suffering from gender dysphoria.

While the LGBTQP mafia is ecstatic about this, some women are livid that the transgender movement is achieving these types of victories. One of them is Anne Schlafly Corsi of the Eagle Forum, who openly declared that the transgender movement “has only one [political] purpose – to erase women.”

This is already happening in women’s sports, where biological men are dominating the field and stealing victories from real females, many of whom are trying to win for scholarship purposes.

By “promot[ing] the idea that men and women are interchangeable in every situation,” women are systematically being erased in every competitive sphere, contends Corsi.

“Men who could not win … have restyled themselves as women to get first place in athletic competitions,” she says. “[And] the women who have worked hard in their athletic endeavors are no longer placed first, second, or third.”

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