Gun Buyback Nets 300 Guns… in an Area With 1.9 Million People!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

By DarkStar
October 29, 2019

I love gun buybacks. Not because I’m anti 2nd Amendment, anti-American or anti-gun. But because I like a good chuckle now and then.

And nothing gives me a heartier chuckle than someone turning in a broken rifle, or a couple pieces of pipe strapped to some wood, and walking away with $150. (or a $50 Walmart Gift Card in this case).

Now do not get me wrong, I do hate to see taxpayer’s money being thrown away, but at least, instead of lining the pocket of some cop or politician that is on the take, it’s going to citizens that did some independent thinking. And if they made a slam fire shotgun, they even did a little bit of work for that money.

Gun buybacks are, and always have been, a scam. It is not a “normal scam,” where someone tricks someone into handing over their bank info, or sets up a Go Fund Me for their child with cancer (there is no cancer, and that is not their kid!)

It is the type of scam, where an organization states, if we do X, then Y will happen.

The X for this scam, “We are going to buy back guns!”

They Y for this scam, “Criminals are going to give up their guns!”


No, that’s not what happens, EVER! A criminal is not going to get within a football field of a half dozen cops with guns.

And they certainly aren’t going to give up the tools of their trade! Even the most down and out, hard luck mechanic will go homeless before selling their tools. A journalist will have a death grip on their laptop and let everything else go before they lose their tool to make money.

Criminals are the same way. They know, in order to keep doing crime, they need their tools. And for a bad guy, there’s nothing more valuable than a gun. No #baddies are going to turn in their guns.

So where do these guns that gun buybacks receive, come from? The opposite of someone wanting to keep his or her guns… People that do not want their guns.

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