Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

In the summer of 1998 – long before anyone had heard of chemtrails – Ben McNenly and other residents of Espanola began seeing unfamiliar aircraft and strange clouds in the skies over this small Ontario, Canada community of 6,000 souls located about 30 miles above Lake Huron. That July, McNenly sighted a pattern he called a “sheet music grid” involving five parallel plumes running just above the northern horizon. It did not dissipate like a normal contrail.

by Geoffrey Grider
October 28, 2019

The United States government has very long and storied history of perform both short and long-term experiments on sections of our population without their knowledge or consent. With that in mind, is the idea of chemtrails so far-fetched?

I live here in America’s oldest city of Saint Augustine, in the perpetually-sunny state of Florida. Multiple times per week, for the past 9 years, I have watched with amused fascination as airplanes fly in a weaving pattern, criss-crossing each other while their planes emit a dense, white trail. This trail, from here on referred to as a chemtrail, is not the same as the normal contrail that is produced when planes fly. A ‘condensed vapor trail’, or contrail, is thinner and dissipates within seconds after the plane has passed. The ‘chemical trail’, or chemtrail, is thicker and grows larger after it is produced, the exact opposite of the contrail. One of my Bible teachers used to tell me that ‘things that are different are not the same’. The photo your see at the top of this article I took myself, as well as the video at the bottom of the page.

I went and googled ‘chemtrails’, and was rather shocked at what results were returned to me. A few years ago, a Google search for ‘chemtrails’ would have returned a healthy pro-versus-con selection, leaving the reader to investigate and make up their own mind.Not so in 2019. The Google results I got today, I went through 15 pages of them, you can see for yourself here, all informed me that if I believed that chemtrails were real, then I was a ‘crazy conspiracy nut‘ and not to be taken seriously. Oh really? So that got me thinking about other ‘conspiracy theories’ where the powers that be called people nuts for believing but later turned out to be true. Here is just a few of those:

THE TUSKEGEE FORCED SYPHILIS EXPERIMENT: United States government doctors let 622 men believe they were getting free healthcare and treatment — but actually gave them no treatment at all. Instead, the purpose of the Tuskegee experiment (a.k.a. the Tuskegee syphilis study) was to observe untreated black patients as syphilis ravaged their bodies. The researchers thus observed the men who had syphilis until they died, lying to them about their condition to keep them from getting treatment anywhere else. They watched as their bodies slowly degraded and they died in agony. The government denied this for decades until it finally came to light over 40 years after the experiments had ended.

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