The Democratic Bill to End America and Establish UN Rule

Friday, October 25, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, October 25, 2019

I have a sick feeling in the pit of my belly. Rep. Sheila Lee and 43 Democratic co-sponsors have introduced a bill, HR 1111, that gives away the United States to the United Nations. This bill eviscerates the Constitution, seizes guns, takes control of schools and healthcare and effectively disarms the USA.

There are some anomolies associated with this article that need explaining before presenting the proof of what the opening paragraph claims. First, this bill was introduced in January of 2019, but it was never voted on. In fact, in a very rare move, this bill has received absolutely no action. Yet, the bill remains in active status. This is very strange indeed. Second, this same bill was introduced in 2015 by essentially the same Democrats. This begs the question why the Democrats would introduce the same radicalized bill, twice, and then refuse to act upon it? The dates of these 2 similar bills is key to understanding the motivation for these unconstitutional practices contained in this bill. The first version, which was introduced in 2015, came just before a general election in which Hillary Clinton was to be elected in 2016. This bill would have given Hillary the powers enumerated below and the bill was kept in stasis until the bill could be acted upon under a favorable President. Further, the 2019 bill has the same goal. We now know that the Russian delusion, the Ukrainian delusion were both planned before Trump even tood office. The pristine 2019 version of HR 1111 is awaiting the removal of Donald Trump from power and the election/coronation of Hillary Clinton.

Warning!!! This article is very upsetting as it reveals the true intentions of the Democrats as they attempt to seize power by illegally removing a duly-elected, sitting. The new President will institute the following principles which spells the end of of America.

The following paragraphs contains excerpts from the bill. I will comment after each section as to the unconstituitonality and the obvious undermining of our Republic.

If anyone wonders if the Democrats are truly in the midst of overthrowing the government, this should remove all doubt!

H.R. 1111: Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2019

This first part of the bill is the preamble and perceived relevant history. Please note that in paragraph 10, there are multiple references to the United Nations, “Children of the World”. UN and sustainable development goals.

The Rest…HERE

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