SELCO: The Truth About SNIPERS and How to Survive Them

Friday, October 25, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Selco
October 25, 2019

Because of the growing fear of mass shootings and terrorist attacks all over the world, advice about how to survive mass shootings or sniper attacks are everywhere, and there are useful but there is a bit of confusion there.

Sniper attacks in collapse and mass shootings today in peaceful times have a lot of common things, but some facts are different.

I will concentrate here on some advice concerning sniper attacks when SHTF since I have seen and experienced more than a few of those.

What are the reasons for sniper attacks?

I know you all seen movies or read the books about sniper attacks that are been made with careful planning and surgical precision from a great distance, by highly professional personnel. You might see that when the world goes to s**t, but most probably you won’t ( unless you are in the military profession).

In days of chaos, snipers were used mostly for one particular reason – to give folks a feeling of HORROR.

If you are not sure where you can safely move, if you are not sure where is a safe spot where you can look for resources, you are in constant fear. Even more, if snipers do not make a clear distinction between combatants and non-combatants – when they’ll shoot women, men, or children that horror becomes even stronger.

Now, you can say that you are not going to face civil war, and situation like me, so you are not going to have situation where you gonna be faced with those kinds of snipers, but keep in mind that all that you need for similar situation is the fall of the system (because any reason), lack of resources, and fight for domination over certain territory (it can be county, city, or even few streets or villages).

So, usually, they are used in controlling everyday life and movement by inducing fear and horror.

Snipers are not generally used to eliminate enemy firepower, at least not in mentionable numbers and occasions. They were used to give you a feeling of hopelessness, and to take you away reasons to fight and live. If you feel powerless to defend your kid against that invisible threat, that can take away lot of spirit from you.

Understanding what you can do

Again, for common folks, who are trying to survive SHTF what you can do are a couple of things, and it is connected mostly about understanding how threat works. If we are talking about urban scenario it is mostly about where you can be visible for sniping man, and what can cover or conceal you.

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