Time for Patriots to Declare War on Antifa Terrorists

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Tony Elliott
October 16, 2019

The time for President Trump to take action on ANTIFA in labeling the organization an international terrorist organization is long overdue. It is an international terrorist group, since it also operates in many European countries as well as the United Kingdom aside from the US. ANTIFA is only part of a much larger spiderweb of anti-American terrorist groups, all founded and organized by Barack H. Obama and run via the central organization known as Organizing For Action.

ANTIFA along with Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood, just to name a few are all part of the massive Obama organized and managed sphere of influence, all of which are financed by George Soros.

These groups are designed to totally transform the US from a constitutional independent sovereign nation into a Nazi-inspired NWO Socialist Provence who would be governed by the United Nations.

It has been over a decade since a real protest has taken place in the United States, since Obama took office every faux protest has been orchestrated, carried out, and financed by Obama and Soros.

Today, every so-called protest is not really a protest and the participants are not protesters at all, what they are is paid political activists out to destroy any Patriotism to a traditional constitutional US.

The goal of this massive spider web of anti-American groups is to force everyone loyal to the USA into submitting to a New World Order and surrender the sovereignty of this country to become a world province under the control of the UN.

By doing this, by definition makes them a threat to the US and shows they are no different from Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other international terrorist group that wants to destroy the US.

Thus, we need to treat them as enemies and deal with them as we would with any organization or state out to destroy us.

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