Union to Teachers: Inject Race and Racism Into Every Subject and Every Conversation

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
By Paul Martin

by William F. Jasper
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the radical union that reaches into tens of thousands of classrooms, is pushing saturation indoctrination on race, “racism,” “racial identity,” “bias,” “prejudice,” “discrimination,” “hate,” “white supremacy,” and, of course, “equity,” “tolerance” and “diversity.”

As American students at all grade levels fall further and further behind in all academic areas, the 1.7 million-member union is telling its teachers that they must focus not on helping their students learn the basic subject matter and academic skills that will enable them to be productive, prosperous, self-supporting citizens, but that teachers must instead become non-stop agitators for “racial justice” and fulltime race psychologists/sociologists — both inside and outside the classroom.

The Fall 2019 issue of the AFT journal American Educator is devoted to “Confronting Bias in Schools: Classroom Conversations on Race , Ethnicity, and Identity.” However, a more accurate title might have been “Compounding Bias in Schools,” or “Enflaming Racial Tensions and Hatred in Schools.”

“The President Is Leading a Homegrown Hate Movement”

AFT President Randi Weingarten leads off the issue with an attack on President Donald Trump, declaring, “The president is leading a homegrown hate movement.” In her “Where We Stand” column, Weingarten proclaims that “President Trump has trampled rights enshrined in the Constitution and waged a war on truth. He has fanned biases that aim to dehumanize ‘the other’ and that erode our democracy. He is enamored of despots, and distances our allies…. We can’t ignore Trump’s bigotry and cruelty, or the fact that his erratic behavior is intended to create chaos and confusion.”

This anti-Trump tirade follows only a few sentences after Weingarten had asserted that teachers “are called on to be guardians of democracy and cultivators of decency.” She also says teachers must “help young people value members of other groups,” and classrooms must be places “where disagreements are over ideas, not people, and dissenting views are respectfully heard, not shouted down.” But Weingarten’s decency, civility, and tolerance apparently does not extend to the tens of millions of deplorables who voted for Donald Trump, and the tens of millions more that disapprove of the union’s strident propaganda concerning LGBTQ programming, gun control, global warming, and other radical agenda items. Neither, obviously, does her lecturing on civility and inclusivity apply to the legions of militant AFT cadres that participate in riotous protests, lead their students in profanity-strewn “I Hate Trump!” chants, and engage in disruptive walkouts and school strikes.

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