Communist China just doubled its number of military troops… is an invasion of America the next chapter in global domination?

Sunday, October 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Lance D Johnson
Sunday, October 13, 2019

Americans take it for granted that foreign troops aren’t pillaging their country, vying for military control over U.S. cities, and forcing compliance to a communist government. Neither China nor Russia has attempted such a bold invasion, but their core communist belief systems continue to drive them toward global domination. Taking advantage of incompetent, complacent, and corrupt diplomats, China has been able to rip off America for many years through unfair trade deals, currency manipulation, debt, and property acquisition.

When the Soviet Union collapsed decades ago, they deployed a scissors strategy. By feigning defeat, they could get the American military to grow complacent. By remaining coy, they could slowly weaken America from within, infiltrating the U.S. government with communists, while pushing loyal Americans out of the democratic process.

Communist ideas are now openly accepted by the Democratic Party. Democrats want radical changes to the American economy. The Green New Deal fundamentally shifts the American economy toward socialism and would make America dependent on China and Russia for energy. Even U.S. companies like Microsoft and Google have been heavily infiltrated by communist ideas, as they actively work on Chinese military projects, contributing to censorship in China and abroad. The Democratic Party in the U.S. is so infiltrated; they are calling for confiscation of important self-defense firearms from the American citizenry. If China could get U.S. citizens to give up their AR-15s, (as proposed by the democrats) then a physical invasion would be ten times easier.

The communist infiltration of America could rapidly escalate after the next election

And now, due to a recent surge in Chinese military troops, should America be wary of a military invasion in the coming decade? Is invasion of America the next chapter in global domination?

To understand the breadth of the situation, it’s important to listen to the warning messages shared by former Russian intelligence defectors. Former Russian intelligence analyst Viktor Suvorov once defected to England to warn about Russia’s plans to subvert the United States from within. Former high ranking KBG officer Anataoliy Golitsyn defected to the U.S. to warn about Russia’s secret strategy to attack the United States. Author of The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn unveiled that the Leminist strategy is being implemented stealthily over time. Golitsyn revealed that the U.S. government would be deceived into complacency over time. When key positions of the U.S. government had been compromised, their values dismantled, Russian military would officially reconcile with China to clamp down and attack the U.S. with unstoppable military force.

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