Anthropological shocker: The most intelligent human cultures are most likely to destroy themselves with ecological collapse that leads to famine and death

Saturday, October 12, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Saturday, October 12, 2019

A surprising contradiction emerges when you study “survival of the fittest” phenomena across planet Earth. Those human cultures which have the highest intelligence are also the most likely to destroy themselves with ecological destruction. This isn’t about the so-called “climate change” hoax, but rather about the direct destruction of the ecosystems that provide sustainable food supplies to the world. If you destroy the ecosystem and can’t grow enough food to feed your population, your society collapses.

As I explain in this science video below, the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis relative to its orbital plane around the sun has created harsh winters for those human cultures located far from the equator. This has resulted in those cultures becoming good planners and survivalists, otherwise they would not survive the long winters during which food production ceases.

Simultaneously, human cultures which are located nearer the equator tend to be poor planners, resulting in “Third World” societies living in near-collapse conditions, with a shocking lack of basic planning skills as any visitor to India can observe with India’s traffic nightmare.

Yet, those cultures located near the equator have an important advantage: Because they don’t need to rely on long-term planning for food production, they tend to produce food using short-term thinking, which tends to minimize the large-scale environmental destruction that now characterizes First World nations where high IQ populations are able to engineer nuclear power plants, GMOs, agricultural pesticides, geoengineering, fluoridated water and other disastrous poisons that now threaten the entire biosphere. Put simply, this means that Third World, low-tech, localized agricultural production is far less destructive to the biosphere than large-scale, highly mechanized agricultural production which tends to go hand in hand with extreme ecological destruction.

As a clear example of all this, consider the aggressive pushing the SCoPEx project, funded by Bill Gates (and many others) and engineered by Harvard scientists. The purpose of this project is to pollute the stratosphere and block sunlight, depriving all food crops of the energy they need to produce food. If deployed on a large enough scale — which is the plan — SCoPEx will result in global famine and mass death, which is of course the entire purpose of the project, as Bill Gates believes depopulation is the way to “save” humanity. In contrast to SCoPEx, third world nations simply don’t have to technology to engineer a system that can pollute the entire planet and block the sun, collapsing human civilization everywhere around the planet. It takes a psychopathic tech billionaire with the help of the arrogant academic elite to pull that off.

First world populations are in denial about their destruction of the planet, often blaming “climate change” instead of their own mad science experiments that threaten everything

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