Geopolitical Signals Of Global Economic Crisis Abound

Thursday, October 10, 2019
By Paul Martin

Brandon Smith
Thursday, 10 October 2019

As I write this, news feeds are buzzing with questions and confusion over the October US/China trade talks. In September there was a massive propaganda campaign within the mainstream media to push the notion that a deal with China was imminent, which boosted markets otherwise on the verge of a plunge due to a hailstorm of bad financial news. This media campaign also indicated to me that there would be no deal in October – best case, there will be an announcement of “progress” and a temporary pause in tariffs, which will fall apart once again in a month’s time. Worst case scenario, the talks will falter before they ever really begin. Either way, the trade war will continue well into next year.

As I predicted in my article ‘The Ugly Truth About The Trade War’ in September:

“…Every couple of months the trade war deal hype is recycled and every couple of months the markets are hit with renewed disappointment. The latest trade talks are set for October and if they happen at all, it is unlikely they will result in anything of significance. At most, they will be heralded as the “start of a great deal” and both sides will claim “progress was made”, and then, once again, nothing will happen and the conflict will accelerate. You would think people would have figured it out by now, but the investment world learns very slowly and functions solely on blind hope. At the very least, economic analysts are starting to realize that no deal is coming and that the situation is only going to get more tense. In fact, it is designed to get more tense…”

The trade war is only one of many major distractions being implemented at this time. While Trump plays his role for the globalist establishment as a bumbling populist villain and a Herbert Hoover clone, the sheer scope of events is becoming quite epic. This crash must be treated slightly different from the crash of 2008, because if we are to predict the pace of the implosion, we have to measure the number of geopolitical signals rather than just the financial signals.

That is to say, the globalists will trigger a Lehman Moment when there is enough geopolitical tension to keep the public mesmerized. In this way, they hope to conjure a “perfect storm”, one that can be blamed for the crisis they created. It would seem that as we close in on the end of 2019 we are very near to the avalanche…

Here I would like to briefly cover a number of developments that have accelerated in the past couple of weeks and give my take on what they mean to the liberty movement and the economy at large. Some people might question the idea that these events have economic implications. I suggest they look at the bigger picture. Much of what is happening today is engineered by the establishment not only as cover for the financial downturn, but also as partial fuel for collapse.

Trump/Ukraine Impeachment Circus

As I noted in my last article, Trump cannot be anti-globalist while working directly with global elites on a daily basis. The impeachment farce, like Russiagate, is carefully crafted 4th Generation warfare designed to keep leftists rabidly extreme while pushing conservatives fearful of a leftist takeover into the waiting arms of Trump, a puppet of the banking elites beholden to the Rothschild family for saving his fortune in the 1990s. The elites have no intention of getting rid of Trump at this time – he is too useful to them and their script, which requires an unstable conservative nationalist anti-globalist that eventually destroys the American economy.

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