Global Debt Bubble a Gigantic Time Bomb – Peter Schiff… “The only goal our leaders have is to postpone the pain so they can get re-elected.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
October 9, 2019

Money manager Peter Schiff says the Federal Reserve has already started a new money printing program that continues to expand the debt bubble and keep global markets propped up. This started abruptly last month in what is called the “repo market,” where the Fed provides liquidity for traders of short-term money or overnight funding. Schiff says, “When the Fed was doing QE3, they were buying $85 billion worth of debt per month. They (Fed) just did $176 billion in three weeks, and they say they are not doing QE. So, the Fed is monetizing more debt not doing QE than when they were doing QE, which means they are doing it and they are going to have to do more of it. The reason they are doing it is because the markets are finally trying to move interest rates higher because the Fed has been suppressing them. They are artificially low, and these artificially low interest rates have done tremendous damage to the economy over the years. Now, rates are rising, and the Fed is trying to stop this from happening. They shouldn’t do this, but this is what they have to do to keep the bubble from imploding. This is why they have to go back to QE. If they didn’t, rates would be much higher, the stock market would be much lower, real estate prices would be coming down and we would be heading for another financial crisis.”

What is the end goal in all of this? Schiff contends, “The only goal our leaders have is to postpone the pain so they can get re-elected. That’s the whole idea. Look, this is a gigantic time bomb; we just have to make sure that the fuse is longer. We have an election coming up, and the Fed Chair just wants to make sure they can keep everything going long enough to resign and have somebody else be the fall guy. Nobody cares about the long term health of the economy, and the plan is to delay the inevitable and pretend everything is good. . . . As far as the debt is concerned, the debt is never going to be repaid. We can’t repay it, and, in fact, nobody even believes we are going to repay it.”

So, what is the next move by central bankers? Schiff says, “It’s more politically expedient to take the printing route, especially because nobody believes they are going to destroy the currency. They think they are going to print enough money to reduce the value of the debt enough to make everything go away. It’s like trying to get a little bit pregnant, which is impossible to do. So, once they start monetizing debt in that way, then that’s it. The dollar is going to get killed. That’s where we are headed. That’s the only thing that hasn’t happened yet. Gold has broken out. Gold is over $1,500 per ounce, and it is hitting record highs in most currencies. Not in the dollar, yet. The dollar is still relatively strong against other fiat currencies, but the fact it is this weak against gold shows you there is a lot of underlying weakness in the dollar that has yet to manifest . . . but that is going to happen. When the dollar starts to fall, that’s going to take the bond market down with it. Long term interest rates are ultimately going to rise when the dollar tanks.”

Schiff also says, “I think gold is undervalued relative to where it should be because so many people have too much confidence in central banks and fiat money. They don’t realize they need to own gold. I think they are going to come to that epiphany soon, and when they do, the price of gold is going to explode. . . .Gold is going to be money again. There is no question in my mind that is going to happen.”

Schiff predicts President Trump will not get re-elected but not because of impeachment, but the failing economy. Schiff says, “The trade deficits are bigger than they have ever been. They are bigger than they were under Obama. Manufacturing is already in recession, and it will be deeper in recession by the time the election comes. The numbers are the worst they have been since 2009. Most blue collar voters who voted for Trump in 2016 will be worse off in 2020. They will have more debt, and they will have lower real wages if they even have jobs. Now, who are they going to take a chance on, some socialist Democrat who is promising to punish the rich and take their money and give it to them?”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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