Ten Reasons Why President Trump’s Motorcade Is Taking An Unplanned Detour to Dealey Plaza

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I awoke in the middle of the night with a revelation that my previously expressed fears from nearly 3 years ago were about to realized. I believe that the Lord was telling me to warn the people and have them pray for Donald Trump’s divine protection.

I began t write down my thoughts and I must confess that the writing was automatic. Please pray for President Trump’s protection.

1.Vietnam and Syria

Peace is impractical. War is inevitable. That is what the globalists and their puppet media would have mankind believe. The problems that are created by war are man-made and therefore, can be solved by man. However, our right to self-determination and peace have been robbed from us by people like the late David Rockefeller. When war becomes the number ONE business venture of the globalists, they obfuscate the benefits of peace and prevent the directing of a nation’s assets towards the betterment of its people. Rockefeller, Rothschild et al, have held humanity in such disdain that they seek to make money on the forced decline of mankind. For in their eyes, mankind cannot be allowed to prosper and grow, man must be subjugated and turned into cannon fodder in the next bankster-created war. It was true in JFK’s time and it is even more true today in Donald Trump’s time.

In 1963, JFK refused to give the Deep-State Satanists of their day the Vietnam War. Today, Trump just pulled the troops out of N. Syria. Why would Trump do that? He needs the troops back home to deal with the soon-to-be UN occupation forces.

2.The Federal Reserve and Free Trade Agreements

In 1963, JFK, tired of the self-serving stranglehold that the Federal Reserve had on the American economy, produced a silver-based currency. When JFK died, the alternative currency died with him. This act of defiance against the almighty Federal Reserve had more to do with his future death than anything else.

When Donald Trump became President, he immediately ended the pending TPP free-trade agreement. This agreement would have destroyed the Constitution and given the governmental reigns of power to the bankers (ie the Federal Reserve).

3.Dulles/Cabal and Taking on the Deep State

President Kennedy, was duped when it came to the volatile Bay of Pigs invasion. The CIA director and executive director, Dulles and Cabal, tried to entrap the President into providing air cover for the would-be-invasion of Castro’s Cuba by Cuban refugees. JFK was duped by Dulles and Cabal until the moment of decision and President took his lumps in the court of public opinion and let the invasion fail rather than risk was with the Soviet Union. He fired Dulles and Cabal, the sacred cows of the 1963 version of the Deep State.

On behalf of the criminal enterprise we call international banking, John Bolton has repeatedly delivered profitable wars to the feet of these despots. Trump tricked Bolton and then fired him. He did not just kick Bolton’s butt, he spit on him after he was down. Trump let Bolton think we were going to war with Venezuela. We sent 5,000 troops to Venezuela, but not to go to war but to bolster the defenses of Colombia against Venezuela and their communist allies. The net effect of Trump’s deception of neocon Bolton and the Deep State was two-fold: (1) No war in Venezuela; and more importantly, (2) Colombia would prevent the future Red Dawn invasion force from South America (ie Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, etc. from joining up with their Central American counterparts. This was a brilliant move of deception. However, it could prove to be one more nail in the coffin of the current President.

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