Now That UN Troops Have Emerged, Should Americans Be Concerned with FEMA’s Massive Purchases of Hydrogen Cyanide?

Monday, October 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, October 7, 2019

Back in previous Central American immigration invasion, I documented, over and over, the UN troop presence in our country with photos and eyewitness accounts. Very few people cared. The UN was still perceived as a “helpful, peaceful organization”. Forget the fact that the UN stood around and observed 1 million Rwandans executed, many times right in front of them. The UN Peacekeepers, as they are ironically called have emerged from their hiding places (eg abandoned military bases) are positioned for immediate action in order to seize control of the United States government (see the Q-Alert, below. as well as the previous reports on the CSS) over the past 4 days).

This week I am going to write about the intentions of the United Nations if they are successful in a coup to replace Donald Trump and Mike Pence. If and when the American people object, The UN has plans for these milions of American dissidents. They are already armed with lists, obtained by the Deep State-controlled NSA. It is a naughty and nice list. All Americans have a threat matrix score and everyone is categorized, as Steve Quayle so aptly describes as “Red list, Blue list, Green list”… This is a multipart series which will demonstrate, with irrefutable documentation what lies in America’s future. Each article will present a means that the UN plans to rid America of anyone who is deemed to be uncooperattive. The UN has had the previous complicity of nearly every federal agency. Please note that the rank and file of these agencies are made up of good men and women. However, as one federal law enforcement agent told me, “we cannot trust anyone over a GS-15 (with the implication that these people were largely Obama-era communist appointees), we know where the domestic ISIS base camps are located, we know where the child sex trafficking factories are, but we are prevented from doing our jobs”.

In this series, I will publish one aspect of our codified intention to exterminate millions of “uncooperative Americans” along with the means to do so. In a few days, I will have you sleeping under the bed unless you have a case of terminal cognitive dissonance.

Look at the following excerpt from EO 13603. Courtesy of former President Obama, it gives the government the authority to conduct two drafts. Most are familiar with the military draft. However, what has gone unnoticed is right for a rogue regime to enact a civilian labor conscription, Nazi-style, to do the government’s labor. And historically, this labor is always done in FEMA camps.

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