A Failed Schiff/CIA Led Coup Against Trump Will Bring Hillary Into the Presidential Race with Dire Consequences

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

On the way to writing an article, I received a call from an insider source that confirmed and expanded upon what I knew about the latest attempt to impeach President Trump and who is behind it.

On three occasions that I am aware of, President Trump has threatened to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It seems like a good idea. Our presence, in America’s longest war in its history is accomplishing nothing from a national security standpoint. However, to say that it is not accomplishing something would be to miss the real reason why we still have troops in that country. It also explains, in part, why ISIS was formed.

Let’s begin with ISIS. In many different ways, I documented, on the CSS, beyond a a shadow of a doubt that Hillary and McCain started ISIS. Hillary made the first move, as I previously documented, by paying “blood money” to a small band of terrorists when she was on the board at LaFarge. This gave birth to the financial backing that ISIS needed to get started. Their money was used to entice other impoverished Muslims to join ISIS just like how American teens join street gangs. This is not a secret and has been widely reported. McCain, while he was the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, blocked the destruction of American military equipment left behind in Iraq. This was deliberate and illegal, as by law, when the American military abandons a theater of war, the weapons are destroyed so our enemies, or potential enemies cannot procure needed muscle. McCain’s actions led to the small ISIS remnant suddenly appearing out of seemingly nowhere, to become armed to the teeth. Previously and with the help of former PSYOPS officer, Scott Bennett, I was able to piece together this scenario. However, many other outlets reached the same conclusion.

Why was ISIS created? ISIS was a transportation arm and a protection arm of drug trafficking coming out of Afghanistan. They protected some of the distribution points while carrying out terrorist activities which serves as an effect cover for their drug operation which is their main duty. They have also evolved into an effective and well-armed militia, thanks to the CIA, John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

The only thing that has changed since the war in Afghanistan began is that the heroin traffic has grown to the world’s biggest supply. Our US troops serve the purpose of protecting various drug lords drug distribution centers. How does this operation escape the scrutiny of Congress? It doesn’t, to be perfectly blunt. The reason that we are still in Afghanistan is because the Epstein/CIA/Mossad operation has compromised key American politicians. In a sense, Epstein’s Island was the center of the new (1984 style) Ministry of Truth. Entice key politicians like Adam Schiff, photograph him with underage girls, and you have a powerful ally in Congress. Multiple this strategy several times over and there is no danger that the war in Afghanistan will ever end. For George W. Bush, his complicity covered up his cocaine habit. For “Bathhouse Barry” as he was called, his seedy underworld Chicago lifestyle remains hidden as long as he leaves the war alone. At the center of all of this complicity is Jeffrey Epstein and spin off operations which exist to exact compliance through the blackmailing process. Hillary’s connection to ISIS and ultimately the Epstein empire keeps her out of prison. These forces extracted Epstein from prison and this explains why the guards were not in position when the extraction occurred. It is explains why the video footage, which was required in a suicide watch situation, are “not available”. It explains why Hillary has never stood trial.

Now, here comes Donald Trump. In two recent occasions he has threatened to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The infighting that would occur between the existing Afghan drug lords would collapse the system and cut into the might profits of the heroin empire. Hence, we have yet another attempt to remove Trump from power because he is not fully on board with these types of CIA led operations. And make no mistake about it, according to long-term sources, when we are talking Afghanistan, we are talking about world domination with many key politicians. This is a Deep State operation.

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