Squad breaks from leash, prepares to devour Nancy Pelosi

Monday, September 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Monica Showalter
September 30, 2019

How do we describe this sudden and irrational “impeach Trump” feeding frenzy coming from House speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Take a look at what the Federalist suspects: that Pelosi has lost control of her “Squad” of far-left socialist-totalitarian activists. According to George S. Bardmesser, a Washington attorney who knows the ways of the swamp:

Impeachment proceedings are a given, because her caucus now almost unanimously demands it, and her caucus demands it because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Resistance crazies and the hard left. Pelosi has also run out of cute euphemisms for impeachment— the usual Pelosi mumbo-jumbo, like “inquiry,” “investigation,” and “official inquiry,” no longer work without giving the crazies the real deal.

Pelosi had to get ahead of the tidal wave before it drowned her. As Spartan women used to say to their men, “Return with the shield, or on it.” Pelosi, who generally does not lack in political courage, would rather return with the shield this time, and live to fight another day. So she chose the better of two bad options.

Turns out her party’s dogs of war have slipped their leash. Her miserable options are to support them, wrapping the whole impeachment effort into a phony baloney concern for “the Constitution,” or else be devoured. Eat or be eaten.

With a straight face, she can tell the lunatics and the impeachment fanatics that she has given them exactly what they asked for, and that it is up to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer now. Then she can privately breathe a sigh of relief.

Pelosi can then spend 2020 working to retain her House majority, while hoping Republican voters lose their energy by next November. Democratic candidates can spend the next year talking about something else, anything else, and at least have a chance of defeating Trump.

Pelosi knows that if impeachment is on the voters’ minds next year, Trump will be reelected in a tsunami. Her majority and speakership will go the way of the Dodo bird. The only way to change that narrative is to do the impeachment show now, and forget all about it next year.

Bardmesser notices all sorts of details the average American might not notice — such as Pelosi’s curious deadlines on getting the job done as supportive of his argument. She seems to be chumming the sharks in a bid to divert them from targeting her leadership.

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