Has the time come for Trump to fire ALL the top operators at the FBI and CIA, then start over?

Monday, September 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, September 30, 2019

As Democrats, once again, publicly mull impeaching President Donald Trump for nothing more than winning the 2016 election, it’s become obvious that he ought to be considering a massive policy shift that would enrage the Deep State but rally a majority of Americans behind him.

The president should can all of the top officials and operators at the Justice Department (except William Barr), the FBI, and the intelligence community, then replace them with bona fide, squeaky clean patriots who don’t care a whit about politics but instead want to make and keep America “great again.”

This comes as Democrats base their latest impeachment call on a fake scandal ginned up by the Deep State: President Trump’s phone call with the leader of Ukraine, in which he asked for assistance in uncovering corruption involving a former vice president of the United States and his son, Joe and Hunter Biden respectively.

Democrats and the president’s enemies claim the call, which was the focus of a CIA employee’s “whistleblower” complaint filed under suspicious circumstances, was illegal — that it amounted to an ‘in-kind’ campaign contribution, something that former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova called completely false.

This comes following the bogus “Russian collusion” scandal which turned out to be completely false, as well as “Spygate” — an actual operation designed to drive President Trump from office.

Clearly, the Washington establishment doesn’t like the fact that an outsider like Donald Trump is now president — and they will do anything to get rid of him.

James Howard Kunstler makes that clear. He notes that “UkraineGate, son of RussiaGate, raises an interesting question: Is our Central Intelligence Agency really this crude that they would loan out a CIA officer to the White House’s National Security Council (NSC) and use him as a weapon to shiv the occupant of the oval office? Or was The New York Times’s unmasking of the ‘whistleblower’ just another ruse by the Deep State Disinfo Division?”

When ranking officials misbehave, it sends the wrong message to junior staffers
Kunstler goes on to say that the CIA does not detail that many people to the White House, so it ought to be fairly easy for the Trump administration to figure out who made the complaint. “A leading candidate is veteran CIA officer Michael Barry, an assassination expert, as it happens, who was loaned out during Mike Pompeo’s brief stint as CIA chief. Barry acted as the NSC’s chief intelligence officer. Barry or otherwise, I predict the whistleblower’s identity will be known for sure in pretty short order,” he writes.

But the deeper issue is that an intelligence official detailed to the White House works for the president, whoever it is. Their job is to serve the president who was elected to serve the country — not go way above their pay grade in an attempt to entrap the president of the United States and head of the Executive Branch in a fake scandal with the objective of taking him out.

In fact, this kind of behavior is unprecedented. Barack Obama and his band of criminals — Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch — were arguably the most corrupt officials ever to lead our country. And yet no one from the deep state ‘did what’s right for the country,’ though career government officials had plenty of illegal behavior to report (remember when the IRS was busted targeting conservative groups?).

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