Does America Meet the 3 Preconditions for Civil War?

Monday, September 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, September 30, 2019

I have been saying for over 30 months that, more than 20 times in print or broadcast, that Hillary Clinton will be running for President. Biden is done! Kamala Harris has underworld connections too deep and too well-known to cover up and her party is distancing themselves from her. Warren is a fraud and everyone knows it. Further, Warren cannot hold the attention of a room. There is literally nobody that can be beat Trump except for Hillary.

I have a dire warning for America. Hillary will be the last ditch effort by the Bolsheviks that run the Democratic Party to use the system to effect a regime change and that will culminate in the death of our political process, our civil liberties including the right to own guns and private property.

Mark it down, Hillary will be the candidate and when it becomes apparent that she has no chance, then the violent revolution will take place. On the CSS radio show, I have asked several guests as to how far they think the Leftist extremists will go to maintain and increase their power? The universal answer is that they will stop at nothing.

From the time that Hillary is deemed to be defeated in the upcoming election, all hell will break loose. I do not believe that there will be an election. The globalists manage by objective and they will make their move if and when it is apparent that Trump will win re-election. The most dangerous issue about a Trump re-election is that under his direction, the conservatives will clearly control the Supreme Court and the unconstitutional leftist agenda will be struck down by the Supreme Court. This is why they are desperate to make a regime change now. Look for Pence to be implicated as well in some, as of yet, undetermined scandal and that would open the door for Pelosi to assume the Presidency. Pelosi can hold down the fort under Clinton can gain the upper hand. If Clinton senses she is going to lose, she will have no hesitation to unleash a civil war.

Most Americans believe that violent civil wars are the byproduct of political and economic repression or ethnic/religious hatred. For the most part this is true. Most of the civil wars emanate from these causes. The remainder of this article is going to present the model and analyze if America has crossed the threshold into inevitable civil war. There have been more than 200 civil wars since the end of World War II, and they have a success rate of around 40% up significantly from the 19th century in which less that 25% were successful.

Subsequently, the field of political science has amassed dozens of studies asking one simple question: “What factors explain how a civil war gets started?”

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