CAIR Demands Twitter Suspend Trump for Criticizing Ilhan Omar

Sunday, September 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

SEP 28, 2019

My latest in PJ Media:

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a press release last Wednesday demanding that Twitter suspend its most important account: that of President Trump. Because Trump has repeatedly enraged Leftists by going over the heads of the establishment media and talking directly to the American people through his tweets, there are no doubt a large number of tweets that have made Leftists want him gone from Twitter forever. But the one that sent CAIR over the edge committed the sin that is absolutely, finally, unanswerably unpardonable: Trump had the audacity to criticize that sacred cow of all sacred cows, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

Omar, with her hijab, her immigrant background, and her determination to see nothing good in her adopted homeland is a revered figure on the Left, and particularly among the Islamic establishment that is tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Leftists and Islamic supremacists in the United States love her anti-Americanism, her burning hatred and contempt for the chief executive, her endless victimhood posturing. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t: Antifa, CAIR and their allied organizations are working from the same playbook.

That’s why, when Trump first criticized “The Squad,” the Left was apoplectic. And when the president dared to skewer Omar in particular, CAIR determined that it was time for Twitter to pull the president’s Twitter plug. CAIR “strongly condemned President Trump for sharing a false, Islamophobic smear targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Twitter and called on that social media company to suspend the president’s account for violating its terms of service. #SuspendTrump.”

CAIR was enraged because, they claimed, “Trump retweeted a video falsely indicating that Rep. Omar ‘partied on the anniversary of 9/11.’” The video, according to CAIR, “was in fact from a Congressional Black Caucus event held on September 13th to celebrate black women in Congress,” and had been taken down by the Twitter user who originally posted it.

All right. But the claim in this tweet was not Trump’s. Trump is not the nation’s Chief Fact-Checker. He was retweeting someone. If everyone who retweeted an inaccurate claim were banned from Twitter, there would be no Leftists on the platform. What’s more, there is Omar’s notorious characterization of 9/11 as “some people did something,” and her interview in which she laughingly likened the U.S. and Britain to al-Qaeda, saying: “When I was in college, I took a terrorism class. … every time the professor said ‘Al Qaeda’ his shoulders went up. But you know… you don’t say ‘America’ with an intensity, you don’t say ‘England’ with the intensity. You don’t say ‘the army’ with the intensity…but you say these names [of terrorist groups] because you want that word to carry weight. You want it to be something.”

In light of that and more, the possibility that she sounded less than devastated on September 11, 2001, is not all that farfetched. If she did spend the day dazed and broken, as many Americans did, she hides it very, very well.

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