Iran drone attack on Saudi oil facilities should concern Americans: What happens when “opposing forces” in the U.S. attack American facilities the same way?

Thursday, September 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

As of this writing, the Trump administration has blamed Iran for the drone and cruise missile attack against a major Saudi Arabian oil refinery, though not “officially.” What’s more, the administration has yet to decide how it will handle the attack if, in fact, Iran is the guilty party, as many believe it is.

As one analyst notes, the fate of the global economy is literally at stake: Should a major Middle East war break out between the two well-armed countries, their proxies, and their allies, most assuredly oil infrastructure would be targeted because it is the greatest source of income for both and, thus, the economic driver behind the war effort. It would make sense, strategically, to target such assets.

But oil produced by both countries is not consumed by both countries. Oil is a global commodity and has been for many decades; how would the world handle a major years-long disruption in oil supplies from two of the globe’s most prolific producers?

Badly, to say the least. But the scenario could get much worse.

President Trump and others have said that the U.S. could become a net oil exporter by next year. In fact, reports note that the U.S. is on pace to become the world’s No. 1 oil producer, ahead of the Saudis.

The U.S. economy is much more diverse than that of Saudi Arabia and Iran, so it is a lot more resilient, too. However, we all depend on oil — fossil fuels — to power our countries and our economic engines.

So what would happen if our own oil refineries were targeted by foreign entities or worse, domestic anarchists?

Granted, they wouldn’t have access to cruise missiles that require satellite guidance in order to hit their targets (without having them supplied by a capable foreign power). But surely some industrious domestic terrorists, rebels, and anarchists could find a way to deliver explosives to American refineries — at least once before the government began protecting them.

After all, the 9/11 attacks occurred once. It’s a vulnerability that emergency planners around the country have likely considered but may have yet implemented defensive or detection methods. After all, how does a civilian oil refinery get a hold of a Patriot air defense system? Or laser weapons?

They don’t, of course. Not yet, anyway. So they’re still vulnerable.

Civil war would disrupt our oil output and destroy the global economy

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