The 21st Century Crusades Have Commenced As the Democrats Usher In Communism While the Pope Is Ushering In Global Satanic Worship

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Can there be any doubt that the Democratic Party has been hijacked to usher in Communism? Just look at AOC’s “new (gang)green deal”. Look at Kamala Harris’ statement about taking your private home and your car, and on and on it goes with the Democrats. File this new position of the Democratic Party away until the conclusion of this article which primarily deals with how the Catholic Church is being used to usher in the worship of Satan.

How does one baptize a fallen angel? Well, the Pope would do exactly that. No, there is no formal declaration, yet, but the intention of the Pope to serve the “fallen ones” is clear. And what is also clear is the fact that this Pope is NOT a Christian. The Catholic religion has been hijacked. This Pope is on the record of having said he would baptize aliens (ie ET’s, ie fallen angels). Don;t forget about Lucifer’s telescope on top of Mt. Graham. This posiition, alone, should have been enough to wake up Catholics, everywhere, that their brand of religion had been hijacked.

Did the world need any greater proof than the coverups that have taken place in the multiple and never-ending sexual and ritualistic abuse of our children at the hands of the Catholic hierachy? The links between these heinous and largely unpunished, and more importantly unrepetent acts of abuse, and child sex trafficking are beginning to appear. As if this ongoing evil was not bad enough, the Pope is now organzing a modern-day set of crusades against fundamentalist Christian beliefs (ie Biblicly based teachings) and those who earnestly practice

Do you remember when the Imams recited Islamic prayer at the Vatican. It was clear then, that this Pope was trying to create a one-world religion. On June 6, 2015, were you aware that the Pope allowed members of the Islamic faith to pray at the Vatican and he further broadcasted the event? More Chrislam wihich serves to dilute the Lord’s message and leads people astray.

LifeSiteNews is reporting that the Vatican (ie the Pope) is holding a thematic conference entitiled ‘Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance”.The event consists of the Pope inviting leaders of major religions and key politicians, leaders in economics and academia to attend a meeting whose obvious intention is to dilute Chrisitanity by combing the religions into a form of Chrislam and this will be accomplished by signing a “A Global Pact on Education” which is a thinly veiled education pact to deceive future generations of students and will collectively turn children against the Christ. The Pope even cited Hillary’s work on the notion that “Takes a village to raise a child”. Please allow me to remind the reader that it is not a secret that Hillary is a 4th Degree Coven Witch. Do I need to say more? Perhaps I should….

An anti-Christian servant to the Pope’s betrayal of the Christian faith, Cardinal Raymond Burke, was quoted in the Rome Life Forum as he stated the following:

“…natural law permits patriotism “in accord with the order written upon the human heart” and “does not make just and legitimate a single global government. Before the challenges of our time, there are those who propose and work for a single global government, that is, for the elimination of individual national governments, so that all of humanity would be under the control of a single political authority…For those who are convinced that the only way to achieve the common good is the concentration of all government in a single authority, loyalty to one’s homeland or patriotism has become an evil.”

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