Several Researchers Are Reaching the Same Conclusions Regarding the Future of Humanity

Sunday, September 15, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, September 15, 2019

The speaking events in Branson are providing a lot of people with paradigm shifting information. I am awestruck with regard to the degree of correlation among and between the various speakers, The following article will highlight the degree of agreement among Mike Adams, Steve Quayle and myself with regard to what is already underway as we are witnessing the end of an age.

The CSS Previously Claimed Depopulation of the Earth Was Underway

Four years ago, I first brought up the possibility that mankind was being “terraformed” into extinction through the creation of events and programs designed to end massive lost of life. It was also in the last week I explored the notion, for the 3rd time in last 5 years, that the Earth was being terraformed. I compared the terraforming to the 1997 move, The Arrival. I have known about the attempted terraforming of the planet by entities who are not human and I have known it for over 20 years. Vance Davis and myself have decided to tell all. As I previously identified in an earlier article, the terraforming events are:

1.Fukushima, which is far worse than most people realize.
2.The far-reaching effects of the Gulf Oil Spill.
3.GMO’s and the destruction of our collective DNA . I am saying that humans are being terraformed.
4.Transhumanism spells the end of humanity as we know it
5.Chemtrails are producing 18% sunlight and this will result in much lower crop yield leading to a global famine.
6.The implementation of 5G that is so severe that humanity will not survive.

CERN is also a part of this. Some of these terraforming events are opening portals for entry by very evil entities. In the next part in this series, I will detail how each of these six attacks upon humanity is part of a terraforming plot very similar to the movie, The Arrival, in which aliens are heating up the Earth for the purpose of exterminating all life on the planet.

Both four years ago and again last week, I stated that the present terraforming programs of the planet were an extension of what was already happening in the cosmos and the conflicts in the cosmos had come home to roost on the Earth. When I first met Vance Davis of the NSA, he told me that in his training that there was a war in the cosmos for our soul between the forces of good (God) and evil (Lucifer). The key prize in this conflict was the human soul but Lucifer could not decipher the code. Therefore, Lucifer decided on a strategy to destroy the human being. The means, as I have previously stated that Lucifer was employing to destroy humanity was the series of false flag attacks which would depopulate humanity. Then the transhumanism age would be ushered in and humanity would be no more. I further stated that I believed in the present time, that every lifestyle that did not end in procreation and live births, would be honored while heterosexuality would be vilified all in the name of depopulation. It is also my expressed belief that the great deception is upon us and these “fakes aliens” are actually servants of Lucifer but will serve the same purpose real aliens in ridding the planet for the purpose of taking over the Earth. As I previously stated, this is why our technology and science are being artificially repressed (eg Newtonian physics vs Hyperdimensional physics). Humanity could easily conquer all resource deficits, but the globalists withhold information in order to manage humanity through artificially created resource shortages.

Mike Adams Takes the Cosmology of the Good-Evil Conflict to Higher Level

The Rest…HERE

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