Will Americans vote for a capitalist or socialist future for our country in 2020?

Friday, September 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

By K.S. Guardiola
September 13, 2019

The upcoming election will present the voter a clear choice of a path for America’s future: a capitalist one supported by the policies of President Trump that promotes the role of the individual or a socialist one supported by Democrats that promotes an expanded role for government in our economic and personal lives. Many issues will be debated during the run-up to the next election; however, the choice between which of these two divergent paths America will take is the essential issue that the voters will determine. Under the guidance of President Trump, prospects for our country have never been better. However, a real possibility also exists that our country has never been closer to losing any connection to our founding principles if the Democrats win the next election.

For the average American, understanding the right path for the future success and well-being of our country is an ongoing challenge. President Trump has faced unprecedented and unrelenting opposition from multiple aligned segments of society, including the mainstream media, the celebrity culture, the academic elite, and the entertainment industry. In addition, few opportunities for any favorable views of the Trump agenda and any acknowledgement of his many positive achievements are tolerated. Objective political truth in our nation is becoming a rarer commodity as the increasingly powerful and disconnected societal elites mentioned above attempt to control us by deception and distortion.

It is imperative for all Republican candidates in this election cycle to unite with President Trump and deliver a message to the American people that the road to prosperity and our continued success as a nation is directly dependent on supporting our free enterprise system and a political system dedicated to preserving the power and freedom of the individual.

The Republicans do have a powerful advantage in this fight that must be utilized. It is the track record of the Big Government Democratic brand of governance and socialism in general, having been demonstrated as unpopular, ineffective, unaffordable, and dangerous anywhere and anytime they have been tried. The potential real implications presented in factual and detailed ways regarding the proposed implementation of comprehensive socialism by the Democrats and the resulting inevitable loss of freedom by all individual Americans in their lives must be the centerpiece of the messaging used by Republican candidates.

While the mainstream media and other Democratic Party allies attempt to limit coverage or any critical analysis of the practicality of the Democratic agenda, the many negative consequences of the enactment of their policies currently in effect in various parts of our country are increasingly difficult to hide from the American public.

A prominent one today is that living conditions are deteriorating significantly in Democrat-dominated cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York due to the rapid increase in homelessness in these cities. It is often the case that Democratic Party–supporting elites are themselves exempt from the very policies they back; however, the simple reason for the emerging coverage is that the out-of-control homelessness is currently so extreme in these cities that it negatively affects the lives of all without exceptions.

Poorer people in this country are dependent for their virtual survival and subsistence, including food, housing, education, and health care, on government programs of one sort or another. The growth of monopoly government power in providing all means of daily survival for the poor and the resulting increase in dependency deprives these people of their freedom and diminishes opportunities for them to control their destinies. Permanent poverty often is their fate, regularly reinforced by the same socialist-type government policies intended to assist them.

Anti-American and anti-capitalist ideas form the basis of the current Democratic Party agenda. A series of radical positions based on promoting identity politics, socialism, and globalism; eliminating all fossil fuels; “Medicare for All”; and open borders dominates the political discourse on the Left. Today’s Democratic candidates are leading a political movement geared to promote socialism and a rise in tyranny in our country and a significant loss of freedom and control for Americans over their daily lives. Their political agenda is a repetition of the same formulas proposed by the Democrats at various times in the past. It will inevitability lead to the same failures, as evidenced on the streets of many of our leading cities.

Individuals in all walks of life must continue to have the freedom and opportunity to be the masters of their destinies. Dependence on a government program places any person in a subservient role and allows others to develop a degree of control over his life and his opportunity to pursue happiness.

The Great American Dream Machine has been made possible by the existence of our free enterprise system. Throughout our history, entrepreneurs help create through their talents, hard work, imagination, and innovative ways a society with the greatest standard of living in history. Millions of entrepreneurial Americans in both large and small businesses are working every day to invent our future.

Republicans must work to convince enough American voters that in a free and capitalist-style system, the potential for growth of our economy is limited only by the human imagination for the benefit of all of us. Otherwise, America’s longstanding great experiment of whether man can rule himself will be permanently ended under future Democratic leadership.

K.S. Guardiola blogs at “The RightQuestions” at rightquestions.blog and can be reached at deplorableurbanite@rightquestions.blog.

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