FAKE SCIENCE: Same Forbes Magazine that pushed Monsanto’s GMO science lies now pushing left-wing climate change hysteria

Friday, September 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Tracey Watson
Friday, September 13, 2019

The government, environmentalists and automobile producers are deadlocked in their efforts to balance the demands of consumers and the potential for damage to the environment which so-called experts claim is caused by vehicle CO2 emissions. Even regulators are divided about how strict federal fuel-efficiency restrictions need to be to curb emissions that scientists claim are a major trigger for climate change.

All the confusion and climate change hysteria are based on the scientific “consensus” that CO2 emissions trigger global warming, thereby pushing the planet to the edge of catastrophe. The mainstream media has been reporting that climate change is established fact for several years now, even though thousands of respected scientists insist that the evidence does not support the global warming myth.

Conservative publications have tended to be more objective in their reporting about climate change. Recently, however, Forbes Magazine demonstrated that it has moved away from its conservative roots and has embraced the global warming hysteria.

On August 10, Forbes published a well-researched article presenting the view of a respected astrophysicist who believes that many climatologists are misguided in their understanding of climate change. Within hours, however, the publication’s editors removed the article noting that it failed to meet editorial standards.

Forbes’ recent move to embrace left-wing global warming propaganda is perhaps unsurprising considering its previous willingness to publish Monsanto’s GMO science lies. Clearly, the powers that be at Forbes have discarded journalistic integrity and have allowed the magazine to become a mouthpiece for fake science.

What Forbes initially reported
As reported by The American Spectator, it would appear that Forbes has embraced the climate change delusion to stay in step with the mainstream leftist global warming narrative:

The purpose of this collusion is to sell the world on a global warming crisis that doesn’t exist in order to implement a far-left agenda that would cost trillions of dollars, cause millions to lose their jobs, do little real-world good toward their stated purpose, and hurt the world’s poorest people most. In the United States alone, this agenda would cost the average family thousands of dollars each and every year, if they still have jobs to pay their bills.

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