Beware of heads exploding everywhere when FACTS once again matter

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Tuesday, September 03, 2019

“I find it harder and harder to write articles pointing out the absurdity of everything going on around me,” writes Jim Quinn, founder of The Burning Platform (TBP), one of the best alternative finance sites on the ‘net. I’ve long been an admirer of Quinn’s work, and Quinn has endured much of the same censorship, threats and demonetization attacks that I’ve also experienced over the years as we’ve tried to help awaken others to reality.

Quinn and I see the world in much the same way, and we’ve come to a similar conclusion about the sheer insanity that has taken hold of our world. In a recent piece, he writes:

Facts won’t matter until they matter. I wonder what historians fifty or one hundred years from now will say about this profoundly corrupt, aberrational, willfully ignorant episode in world history. How could we be so stupid, egotistical and disinterested in the fate of future generations by wasting the wealth of the unborn to live above our true means today? The selfishness, greed and myopia of those steering the ship of state, and the willingness of the masses to go along with the lies as long as they can be distracted and entertained by their phones is mind numbingly ludicrous in my opinion.

When he’s saying, “facts won’t matter until they matter,” he’s pointing out that none of the crazies who keep ratcheting up the global debt scheme have ever encountered a boundary that corrected their lunacy. No millennial investors have ever had to think about real earnings vs. stock prices, for example, because they’ve been able to make money by investing in “virtual signaling” IPOs that are fueled by liberal gobbledygook claims of “conscious capitalism” or “technology communities.”

One day soon, the reality is going to hit the fan for an entire generation of young investors, and they’re all going to learn a very difficult, very expensive and universally mind-blowing lesson that will shock their collective psyche for life. When the day comes that “the facts” actually matter, all these millennial investors will learn the harsh reality that groovy-sounding corporations founded on a business model of perpetually losing money while claiming to be “visionaries” actually don’t survive very long. Sooner or later, the money runs out… even other people’s money. And a screaming match of virtue signalling, political correct talk about “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” can’t overcome sustained, gargantuan financial losses.

The day that millennial investors lose everything is the day that they might begin to rejoin reality. Until their lunacy is rejected, in other words, they have no reason to drop their false beliefs. Massive financial losses by the virtue signaling left-wing lunatics of our society will inevitably help collapse their delusions about transgenderism and cultural issues, too. Because if companies can perpetually lose money while being propelled on hopes and dreams, then why can’t men become women and get pregnant, after all?

It’s all related: Young people who believe in transgenderism also believe that companies don’t have to make money to operate, as long as they are “doing good” via virtue signaling. Both of those beliefs are wildly false, yet they’ve both been artificially propped up by a society that has been fueled by crazy for far too long.

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