Revelations From the Underworld (Part Two)

Monday, September 2, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, September 2, 2019

My readers and listeners know me as someone who writes about corruption and plots to undermine our country and dramatically alter our culture which includes the attacks upon our culture. However, there is a side to my background experiences that only a few know about until now

Since 1984, I have known about demonic entities here on the earth that are “waking up” and plan to bring death and destruction to the planet on an unprecedented scale. I have always been much more knowledgeable about this topic than what I write and broadcast about today. I am more than qualified to speak about this topic. I am going to introduce the audience to the existence of these nonhuman entities but they are aren’t what you think. I am going to introduce the topic by describing my relevant background which contains the necessary information needed to help one understand the full revelation about what is coming which is the final battle for control of this planet and this precedes the return of Jesus.

As contextual background, and as I have stated before, my father was “retired” by order, from Navy six months early, with full retirement and was subsequently sent to Littleton, Colorado to work with captured German scientists from the World War II era. Sometimes, under guard, my father would bring them home accompanied by a security detail. He will later tell me he did so to avoid the scrutiny of the CIA which has never been the friend of the United States people.

I was only 4 years old but I remember some of these German scientists. Being that my father’s family was from Germany, and my German grandmother was living with us, I was somewhat fluent in German and I would converse in German with these scientists. However, it will not be until 1984, that I will come to understand what I was looking at.

In 1984-85, when my father became terminally ill, I would visit him on a near nightly basis. He began to tell me what he had been doing his last few years and in his new DOD duty assignment at Martin Marietta (now Lockeheed Martin) in Littleton, Colorado. Here is a summary of what I learned:

1.The Germans knowledge of physics as it applied to such things as vertical take-off craft was an estimated 300 years ahead of what we had. My father’s job was to reverse engineer what the Germans knew in actionable form to be used by our military.
2.The Germans had told my father that they had received the technology from a group of aliens but that there was a significant delay in transferring the information because these aliens were opposed by another group of aliens that interfered with the technology transfer. These German scientists admitted that they had never met the aliens but had been told about them in briefings by their commander, the alleged inventor of the Nazi Bell. He had other information that involved the supernatural and he warned me that a mass of supernatural and demonic beings would one day be brought to earth through special portals and some were already here. When you read this, does CERN come to mind? My father believed the German scientists were lied to by their commanders about the alien presence so the Nazi leaders could protect the origin of their real power, the occult. World War II history buffs will remember the “Foo Fighters” and the jets that could break the sound barrier at the end of WWII that were inflicting significant losses on allied bombers. For the war effort, however, it was a case of “too little, too late”.

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